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Additions to the Basements of Lakeview, Heljarchen and Windstad
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Mar 15 @ 8:34pm
Apr 14 @ 11:11pm
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Additions to the Basements of Lakeview, Heljarchen and Windstad

This mod adds significant enhancements to the basement interiors of the three Hearthfires build-able homes: Lakeview, Heljarchen and Windstad, each different, each co-ordinated with the decor and atmosphere displayed in the house above. It more than doubles the area of each basement, adding significant amenities, such as a bath with a full cure-disease blessing, a mushroom garden, a Shrine to Hircine and a daytime "Office": read Vampire lounge. But the main feature is the trophy room with up to 11 mannequins, and a customizable banner display so you can exhibit the regalia of your friends or fallen foes. There are two displays per basement and the Imperial and Altmeri Dominion banners may be displayed separately or together.

Special feature: In Windstad, there is a special sub-basement shrine to all the Daedric Princes, allowing you to display the full set of Daedric artifacts together.

Necessary mods: Hearthfires,
Recommended: SKSE and SkyUI
Cleaned with TESEdit

This mod will probably conflict with other BYOH basement mods, but little else.

I want to especially thank Roy D. Loudbark for his inspiration regarding the banners in the trophy room. His suggestion for an area where you could make a big display from a quest: armor, banners and weapons.... was just brilliant!

And thank you to my husband James, who is an insatiable Daedric artifact collector: this shrine is for you!

The beautiful Alchemy wall art is courtesy of Blary.

The lovely tapestries and rugs are Tlaffoon’s

The towels are Insanity Sorrows

Thank you for your kind endorsements
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elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Apr 17 @ 9:15pm 
Please do Chibi,

A picture's worth a thousand words! I can often better see what the fix is. Feedback makes the mod all the better!
Chibi Apr 17 @ 8:34pm 
Modder I had to restart my game, if it happens again I will send a screenshot.
elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Apr 17 @ 4:12pm 
Hi mari-rae, thanks for your patience. Yes, try the main mod in a new game and try LOOT. I found it helps.
elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Apr 17 @ 4:11pm 
Tis is so weir, Chibi ...I've never even heard of mannequins doing this. Could you please send me or post a screenshot? I navameshed in a couple of different ways beneath them: perhaps there is something I can address via this.
Chibi Apr 17 @ 3:02pm 
My mannequins for the basement have fallen and I am unable to make them straight again. Is there anyway to fix this? I do love the mod but I am disappointed it does that.
mari-rae Apr 17 @ 9:31am 
Thanks for the suggestion. I put HfMA just after Dragonborn, but no luck... no workbenches appeared, and none of the wonderful extras to Lakeview Manor came up in the regular workbenches. On the other hand, I'm really enjoying the basement additions to all my houses. Right now I'm running through all the daedric quests to get the artifacts to display them in Windstat Manor... just brilliant!!! I've play Skyrim so many times now, and it's great to have new 'toys' to play with. Hoping when I do finish with this character the HfMA will work with a new game. Cheers!
mastertom211 Apr 17 @ 1:55am 

When I first entered the cellar I was still falling but after leaving the locked room with the key in the safe and building the sellar extension on the workbench I am now able to enter the basement through the trap door regularly. Thx for the fix.
elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Apr 16 @ 8:28pm 
Hi mari-rae,

Looking at my own LOOT set-up, HeathfiresMultipleAdoption comes very quickly after Dragonborn, and well before the "Additions" mods. Try moving it to a place right after Dragonborn. Hopefully this will save your present game. HfMA is a mod that definitely needs to be in place from the beginning (of a game).

And the key to the locked room in Heljarchen is in the silver urn on the mantle over the fire.
elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Apr 16 @ 8:19pm 
Hi MollieLane,

nicola_mcnally is no longer falling but your mystery still remains! Glad you found the key...but I've got to look further to figure out why...and why the error is inconsistant. Thanks for the screenshot! So weird! I'll keep looking.
elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Apr 16 @ 8:16pm 
Yay nicola_mcnally ! One mystery solved.