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Additions to the Basements of Lakeview, Heljarchen and Windstad
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Mar 15 @ 8:34pm
Apr 14 @ 11:11pm
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Additions to the Basements of Lakeview, Heljarchen and Windstad

This mod adds significant enhancements to the basement interiors of the three Hearthfires build-able homes: Lakeview, Heljarchen and Windstad, each different, each co-ordinated with the decor and atmosphere displayed in the house above. It more than doubles the area of each basement, adding significant amenities, such as a bath with a full cure-disease blessing, a mushroom garden, a Shrine to Hircine and a daytime "Office": read Vampire lounge. But the main feature is the trophy room with up to 11 mannequins, and a customizable banner display so you can exhibit the regalia of your friends or fallen foes. There are two displays per basement and the Imperial and Altmeri Dominion banners may be displayed separately or together.

Special feature: In Windstad, there is a special sub-basement shrine to all the Daedric Princes, allowing you to display the full set of Daedric artifacts together.

Necessary mods: Hearthfires,
Recommended: SKSE and SkyUI
Cleaned with TESEdit

This mod will probably conflict with other BYOH basement mods, but little else.

I want to especially thank Roy D. Loudbark for his inspiration regarding the banners in the trophy room. His suggestion for an area where you could make a big display from a quest: armor, banners and weapons.... was just brilliant!

And thank you to my husband James, who is an insatiable Daedric artifact collector: this shrine is for you!

The beautiful Alchemy wall art is courtesy of Blary.

The lovely tapestries and rugs are Tlaffoon’s

The towels are Insanity Sorrows

Thank you for your kind endorsements
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elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Jun 10 @ 8:45am 
Hi Stern, did I not do that?

Yes, that is easily remedied. I'll make a note and try to do that soon.
Stern Jun 9 @ 11:50pm 
Is there a way you could make it so when I remove the normal benches the test chest and the bench for the addition get removed as well?
WillowArcane Jun 6 @ 1:50pm 
My apologies, your mod was indeed not checked. It's working now :)
elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Jun 6 @ 8:20am 
Hi WillowArcane,

Could I please ask you to make sure the box is checked under "data" when you start the game. You may have subbed, but it hasn't been automatically marked as active. You should see a pair of Dwemer pipes hanging over the forge too (even if you've not built in there yet).
WillowArcane Jun 4 @ 8:44pm 
I'm afraid I wouldn't know, Lakeview is the only one I've built
elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Jun 4 @ 6:42pm 
Hi WillowArcane,

Does the bench appear in either Heljarchen or Windstad? Is Lakeview the only location affected?
elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Jun 4 @ 6:40pm 
Hi bmben29,

I've not the foggiest....I didn't touch the main enchanting table and I've no idea why the workbenches would appear in the grey-space. I'd check load order with LOOT or somesuch (always helps me...). I didn't touch any of the wings except the main floor bedroom and central hall, just so you could use other mdos....
Wish I could help you.
WillowArcane Jun 4 @ 6:30pm 
@elizabethjacksonhall so.... is there a reason the right side basement bench isn't showing up for me at lakeview? :(
bmben29 Jun 3 @ 8:32pm 
I mean i found them when I used the tcl cheat, they are in the grey area outside the walls of the house. Oh, oops I clicked on the wrong mod. Sorry! It was the mod for the main areas of the house not this one.
elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Jun 3 @ 8:09pm 
Hi bmben29,

No worries about slownes...I've been slow too, ...just very busy right now.

When you say "outside the map" do you mean in the exterior of the building or falling into grey-space inside the interior cell? I've no idea about the benches/enchanting table, because the only thing I touched with them, was to anchor my modded benches to the main bench and bedroom bench so that they would appear together. However, some wierdness has been happeing at Heljarchen (only) for a couple of people when using my basement addition: they'd fall into grey-space and land in the locked room. That might be a navamesh issue...but one that only affected a few Players. I wish I could be of more help.

I've been very distracted recently, but when I can, I'll look at the navamesh in the Heljarchen Basement again. Maybe something will occur to me.