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Emily Clerk Marriageable Edition
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Emily Clerk Marriageable Edition

Emily Clerk is found in the Whiterun Breezehome. You must buy the Breezehome to get to her. She is a marriageable follower. To marry her, you'll need the Amulet of Mara.


Nexus Mod Manager
Skyrim Creation Kit
Wrye Bash

Requires ApachiiSkyHair and ApachiiSkyHair Females.
Go to for the mod.
To do that, you need Nexus Mod Manager. Without this file, your game will definitely crash to desktop (CTD) on startup.

Dukkhas Forbidden Death Magic.esm required. To do this, you'll need Dukkhas Forbidden Death Magic.esp, scripts folder, textures folder and meshes folder extracted into skyrim's data folder. This step is important, because Dukkhas Forbidden Death Magic is made for Skyrim Special Edition, not Oldrim. This step will downgrade this mod making it compatible to Skyrim Oldrim.

Then open Creation kit and mark Dukkhas Forbidden Death Magic.esp as active file and tick both skyrim.esm and updates.esm. Then after it loads, click save. If you get warning messages just click apply to all. Then close out creation kit and open Wrye Bash and right click on Dukkhas Forbidden Death Magic.esp and in the context menu click copy to esm. then untick Dukkhas Forbidden Death Magic.esp and tick Dukkhas Forbidden Death Magic.esm.

Be sure to make sure you don't have any yellow or red plugins checked in Nexus Mod Manager or your game will definitely crash to desktop on startup. Or download the plugins needed and check the prerequisite plugins needed for the plugin or you will CTD on startup.

Enjoy your gameplay.