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Super Survivors!
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Super Survivors!

1) Super Survivors Mod is Single Player Only!

2) Still a W.I.P. so updates may come at anytime without notice. Not much effort will be put into backwards compatibility. Therefore it is possible that an update could break your save game and or cause errors on it. Do not get too attached to your save games if you are going to use this at this time.

3) Note that a recent Job change has resulted in me having only handful of minutes of free time a day so for the time being there will not likely be any updates container more features / improvements etc. But I will try to post updates on reported errors or game breaking bugs that get reported properly.


Like the "normal" Survivors! mod, this mod adds other Survivors to the world. However the focus of this mod will be to make the Survivors take care of themselves without the player controlling every aspect of what they do. As well as many improvements and added features since the first!

Some Survivors are randomly spawned around the world. These survivors have an instinct to look for a weapon and food and then hide out in a building .

Other survivors are pre-set to spawn in certain locations with certain attributes. Some can be hostile to be careful!


You can get Cover from gun fire by being behind Objects when being fired at. Best cover is behind a window. The Average Object gives 50% chance for cover, some less, some more. You will know your cover blocked a shot for you if you see a double exlimation point above your head "!!"

Even if PVP is on, you cannot hurt people in your group and they cannot hurt you.


Right click on a Survivor and "Call" them over to get thier attention. A random survivor who encounters you for the first time may come to you like this automatically. After you have thier attention right click again for more options. Survivors not part of your group, you will have options to invite or gift items / food to. Giving them stuff will increase chance they will accept your invitation to join the group. You will have some options to give orders and such to survivors who are part of your group after calling them over.

Press "t" to auto call the closest Group member to attention
Press "y" to auto call the nearest "Wild" Survivor to attention
These hotkeys can be changed in the hotkey tab on main menu under "NPC Interactions"

Survivors will take care of their own Food and Water needs assuming there is some somewhere in the general area. So you as group leader should just make sure your group / base food & water stocks are good and they will do the rest themselves. Survivors will leave the group and wander if they become too hungry or thirsty.

Settings and Key Bindings can be set in the Games Main menu now. No more fishing through files to find a settings.lua file
Changing settings in game menu while already in a game will not take effect until you quit and rejoin said game

More info about changes and differences between normal Survivors! mod available here:

Warning! Don't use the "_crash" save files generated by the game after a crash, because this copy made by the game will not have the files containing information on survivor locations or groups.

"Raiders Event Guaranteed every this many days" only starts working AFTER the
"Raiders Start Spawnin after this many day" days have been passed

To Disable Raiders set "Raiders Start Spawnin after this many day" to "Never"

Highly Recommended & Fully Compatible Mods:
Armor Mod

Q: Why aren't any of the survivors moving? They are all stuck in one place.
A: You must using the build 39 (Vehicle Build)

Q: Why Can't I pickup any items or move stuff from inventory?
A: You must using the build 39 (Vehicle Build)

Q: Does MP work?
A: No

Q: Will MP ever work with this?
A: Not likely

Japanese Translation by TEATIME05
Brazilian Portuguese Translation by williamfoxrpg
Chinese Translations by Cleave
Spanish Translation by ElKucho
Russian Translation by FinchEz
French Translation by link8dragon

Workshop ID: 1331826879
Mod ID: SuperSurvivors
Map Folder: Hilltop Survivor Camp
Map Folder: Military Blockade
Map Folder: Prison Escape
Map Folder: Woobury
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RALMAZ 10 hours ago 
GitHub dev active?
nolanritchie  [author] 13 hours ago 
u must of deleted something you should not have. unsubscribe. close pz. wait a few min. then close steam. start steam. wait a few min. resub, wait a few min. then start pz and try it
The Dulce 21 hours ago 
I deleted the mod and now it won't redownload. even after resubbing and restarting the game :\
The Dulce 21 hours ago 
heya i tried deleting the preset spawns within the lua file and now the game crashes on startup because i think its trying to look for the lines i deleted
MidnightCoffee Jun 20 @ 3:24pm 
Cool, thanks for the clarification
nolanritchie  [author] Jun 20 @ 2:59pm 
The raiders guarantees every x days is just there to ensure raiders event every so often. If you put every 40 days, it may happen randomly sooner than in 40 days. But if it does not randomly happen just do to the luck of the random draw, it will manually trigger the even after 40 days IF it did not happen the normal random way. And if you have group or not has no effect on the raider event.

It can be fun to set it to like every hour if you wanna somehow cheat yourself some guns and ammo ect. Then you can just battle with raiders until you die.
MidnightCoffee Jun 20 @ 9:58am 
So if I don't set the raiders to raid every set days, do they just do so randomly?

Also if I plan on playing solo with no group, are raiders changed in anyway or do they still spawn normally?
Operator Jun 20 @ 3:52am 
Hmm, well that does give me hope. with your permission i would like to show my partner this mod, he is a very very talented coder, I would love to see if he could get this working for multiplayer. if that is alright with you? if not it's okay.
nolanritchie  [author] Jun 20 @ 3:36am 
might be do able but, most likely would require at least a few very hackish work arounds. I have no time for modding these days since new job
Operator Jun 20 @ 3:34am 
Heh i did see that, I was looking for more of like, the coding isn't compatible or something like that? I'm working with another modder to expand their mod, and I wanted to understand a bit more about the limitations of the game.