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CIVITAS City-States Expanded
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Mar 15, 2018 @ 9:58am
Oct 30, 2021 @ 9:50pm
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CIVITAS City-States Expanded

City-States Expanded adds 4 new city-state types and over 40 new city-states. Updates and balance changes to existing city-states are also included. Incompatible with Better City-States UI.


New City-State Types: Agricultural, Consular, Entertainment, and Maritime city-states make their debut! Existing city-states have been reassigned as appropriate.
New City-States: Over 40 new city-states, combining all previous city-state packs published by thecrazyscotsman and p0kiehl as well as new additions. This brings the total number of city-states in the game to over 70.
New Color Scheme: All existing city-state types have had their colors tweaked to better fit in with the new types.
More Robust City-States: City-states receive free Ancient Walls, build more district types, benefit from their own suzerain bonuses, and obtain tiles a bit more easily.
No More Scout Spam: City-states will no longer build recon-class units.
Better Starting Locations: All city-states have had in-depth start biases assigned more appropriate to their historical geographical locations.


  • Small Influence Bonus: +2 Food in your Capital.
  • Medium Influence Bonus: +2 Food in every Granary building.
  • Large Influence Bonus: +2 Food in every Aqueduct district.
  • Small Influence Bonus: +0.5 Loyalty Pressure per Citizen in your Capital.
  • Medium Influence Bonus: +2 Loyalty in every city.
  • Large Influence Bonus: Additional +2 Loyalty in every city.
  • Small Influence Bonus: +1 Amenity in your Capital.
  • Medium Influence Bonus: +1 Amenity in every Arena and Ferris Wheel building.
  • Large Influence Bonus: +1 local Amenity in every Zoo and Aquarium building.
  • Small Influence Bonus: +1 Food and Production in your Capital.
  • Medium Influence Bonus: +1 Food and Production in every Lighthouse building.
  • Large Influence Bonus: +1 Food and Production in every Shipyard building.


The following city-states are included:
  • Ampi
  • Anuradhapura
  • Beikthano
  • Butuan
  • Catalhoyuk
  • Chan Chan
  • Chetro Ketl
  • Delos
  • Dodona
  • Etzanoa
  • Gobleki Tepe
  • Hadad
  • Halin
  • Hazor
  • Iqaluit
  • Jolo
  • Kadesh
  • Kataragama
  • Kelaniya
  • Kuhikugu
  • Ma-i
  • Maingmaw
  • Megiddo
  • Mombasa
  • Monaco
  • Nalanda
  • Palmyra
  • Phasis
  • Port Royal
  • Qatna
  • Seuthopolis
  • Sri Ksetra
  • Taos
  • Teyuna
  • Tissamaharama
  • Tuneriut
  • Ugarit
  • Wyam
See this post[] or the in-game Civilopedia for Suzerain Bonuses.


Requires Rise & Fall
Supports all other DLC
Includes support for any custom resources, unique districts and unique buildings
Supports Gedemon's YNAEMP (Cordiform, PlayEuropeAgain, GiantEarth, GreatestEarth)

The following mods are included in City-States Expanded and thus incompatible:
CIVITAS North American City-States
p0kiehl's City States Vol. 1 - Assortment
p0kiehl's City States Vol. 2 - Mediterranean
TCS South American City-States
TCS Sri Lanka City-State Pack
TCS Canaanite City-State Pack 1
TCS Canaanite City-State Pack 2
TCS Pyu City-State Pack
TCS City-States Build Unique Improvements
TCS Free Walls for City-States


Design: thecrazyscotsman, p0kiehl, SailorCat, SeelingCat, ChimpanG, Chrisy15, Digihuman
Code: thecrazyscotsman (SQL, Python), Chrisy15 (lua), p0kiehl (SQL), SailorCat (SQL)
Assets: thecrazyscotsman (models), SailorCat (textures)
Icons: thecrazyscotsman, ChimpanG
Text: thecrazyscotsman, p0kiehl
Banner: ChimpanG
Mod Compatibility: SeelingCat
QA: Digihuman, thecrazyscotsman

A direct download is available via CivFanatics[].
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press f to pay respects Nov 25 @ 10:37am 
any chance that city states no longer being allowed to build scouts can be pulled into its own mod? seems like an easy fix to improve performance, ai turn times and city-state behavior that should be in the base game
TalRusher Nov 20 @ 10:57pm 
@JK Strategoi I get the extra envoy for meeting city states first no problem. I can even double it up with that one diplo card (dont remember its name).
angelo378 Nov 19 @ 9:39am 
All right, thanks. I'll try it and inform here!
Sailor Cat  [author] Nov 19 @ 9:17am 
My guess is yes, but I don't remember the code exactly.
angelo378 Nov 19 @ 5:38am 
Man, this runs smooth here! Zero issues so far.
One question: do they work with Gedemo's City States? I'd love to try that, but if they are incompatible I would keep this one.
Cursed Steve Brule Oct 26 @ 9:07am 
@JK Strategoi I'm having the same issue, I'm getting no envoy bonuses at all except for the major suzerian bonuses
@Puddings I had the same issue in my last game as well, I thought maybe it was because I had so much negative influence per turn but I'm realizing now its also a bug in this mod
unfortunately have to uninstall, seems like recent game updates might've broken a few little things
Puddings Oct 18 @ 5:44pm 
My only issue with this mod is that after a certain amount of city states you meet or time passed (not sure which) you can't use envoys at all anymore. Do I do anything to fix this or?
Nestey Oct 16 @ 2:45pm 
How do I translate it from french?
Glibgork Oct 15 @ 5:49pm 
Unfortunately, this mod is not compatible with the Golden Age overhaul. Luckily, the City State changes can be toggled off in the game settings.
TheElementGuy Oct 14 @ 4:21pm 
This mod doesn't seem to work with barbarian clans.