Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars

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Mar 15, 2018 @ 7:29am
Aug 6, 2018 @ 6:57am
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Adds a new building - Cemetery.
Penalties suffered by colonists' deaths are reduced while there is a cemetery built.
Newborn colonists gain positive traits from burried colonists.
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🐾 𝓑𝓾𝓯𝓾 🐱 May 22, 2018 @ 6:27pm 
Use this one instead:

Haemimont Games, hasn't said a single word about this Mod since a patch broke it. The author of the linked Mod tried to contact them, and as in typical Haemimont fashion, the request remains unanswered.:steamfacepalm:

I won't use any Mod from these guys:exclamationPointRed::SpRad_ThumbsDown:
Kalshion May 3, 2018 @ 7:52am 
This needs to be updated, it doesn't appear ingame - no icon, no building :(
Agent654 Apr 9, 2018 @ 9:49am 
This should really be replaced as as "memorial" rather than a cemetary, as the valuable space should be used as a method for "remembering" the lost colonists, while cremation remains the primary means of disposal.

Otherwise, perhaps an out-dome structure would be more appropriate for the actual BURIAL of colonists.
flacwby Apr 8, 2018 @ 3:11pm 
The building icon is now blank but there is a word "Cemetary" in the panel. If you build it, it does work, but you just have to look for the word since there is no longer an icon.
Djayc85 Apr 8, 2018 @ 7:07am 
This isn't working since the last patch. No building menu icon and does not create a building
barrygreybeard Apr 5, 2018 @ 5:17am 
Interesting mod and a welcome addition. Unfortunately it seems that every time someone dies in a dome that doesnt have this a box pops up to remind you to build one. OK to a point but I dont have one built in every dome but when you have 20+ domes without it the box pops up on a very regular basis. It gets very annoying! Would be nice to be able to turn the "reminder" off.
Kyun Apr 4, 2018 @ 7:43am 
@Haemimont Games Hi and thank you for making this and including it as a tutorial in the base game. (&@Bazmodin) I have modified it to make grave spots reusable (a colonist takes a random trait from a random grave which is destroyed). Some changes too (grave display age of the colonist in earth years and traits - all the positives ones are kept, not the rarest alone). Could I upload it somewhere for you to make an alternate version ?
PS: I noticed the "Extrovert" trait on some graves. Does anybody know something about it ?
Bazmodin Apr 3, 2018 @ 4:41pm 
Would like to see this work like the graveyard in Banished, so that after a while a gravestone will decay or be removed to make room for new corpses. As of right now, you have to keep building them or it will start spamming those annoying death messages again. That or just a cremator because that would make much more sense on Mars anyways.
BarbieGirl Apr 1, 2018 @ 5:21pm 
I just changed the cemetary so you can place it outside. I have like 5 of them outside now and they work fine. I uploaded it into the mods section.
Randabeast Mar 29, 2018 @ 8:55pm 
So I will have to keep building cemeteries ad infinitum? How about a cemetery/memorial for founders in the dome and some out of dome solution like a cremation facility or a mass graveyard outside of the dome.