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Created by Zeno
Part of the Invasion of Uskedalen map, Skorpo is the first battle in this series of battles. Take control of this strategic island in preperation for the assault on the mainland....
Balkan Pass
Created by wunda
Fight for territory in the hills and valleys of the Balkan Pass. After Russian aggression to reclaim passed held land in Eastern Europe the United States has staged an intervention in an effort to support its allies in the region. Conflict has brought figh...
Destruction game mode
Created by Virus.exe
Game mode goal: Attackers need to destroy weapon caches, Defenders need to protect them at all costs.
Weapon caches spawning in the small predefined areas, but exact spawn location is random.
Weapon cache can only be destroyed by incindiary grenade, th...
Operation Silver
Created by 1337Lurker
A map set in a hilly region, filled with lush but dry river banks, very steep hills and winding roads.
Has v10 Match prep timer but UI might not show. v0.14.2b.

Appx 1.7~ or 3.4 Gb? Map will expand over time to 3km sq appx. with more layers added.
Samland Peninsula
Created by Legion
- AAS v3 Layer added (SP_AASv3)

The Samland Peninsula is an area in the north-western part of Kaliningrad. This former German territory was annexed by the Soviet Union after WW2. Now the exclave forms a strategic position in the Baltic Sea. Cut off from...
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Psycho113 Apr 3 @ 9:10am 
Guys tell me please is it legal or what!?

Just clicking on steam:/connect/play.squadmodding.com:27165 link and the client started to re-download my Squad installation!

wtf? The Squad folder was 35 gb and now it is 17 and to download 5 gb more! Upset only :(
Mendes Mar 17 @ 2:28am 
Nice :)