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RMS Campania
Scenario: Europe, USA
Vehicle: Ship
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RMS Campania

Made by Transport Games community

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RMS Campania was a British ocean liner owned by the Cunard Steamship Line Shipping Company, built by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company of Govan, Scotland, and launched on Thursday, 8 September 1892. Identical in dimensions and specifications to her sister ship RMS Lucania, Campania was the largest and fastest passenger liner afloat when she entered service in 1893. She crossed the Atlantic in less than six days, and on her second voyage in 1893, she won the prestigious Blue Riband, previously held by the Inman Liner SS City of Paris. The following year, Lucania won the Blue Riband and kept the title until 1898 - Campania being the marginally slower of the two sisters.

About this model:
  • Realistic model
  • Animations
  • Dirt and texture
  • DDS textures
  • Repaints available

Vehicle data:
  • Price: 6.33M
  • Available: 1892-1914
  • Capacity: 500
  • Top speed: 45 km/h
  • Weight: 18450t
  • Power: 31000 kW
  • Running costs: 1.05 M\year
  • Lifespan: 40 years

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sirrliv Sep 29 @ 9:44pm 
Although somewhat unwealdy in their size, I adore this ship. Setting aside its obvious beauty, it finally makes long distance passenger ferry routes commercially viable thanks to its high speed, being roughly double that of the stock Frontenac paddle steamers. Its massive capacity will likely help too, but I have yet to find need of that; it's the speed that makes these ships glorious as passengers will not use a route if it is too slow.
wow! Aug 22 @ 4:39pm 
wha how
Keogh Case Jul 26 @ 5:14pm 
You should make one of the White Star ferry ships like the Nomadic, or the Traffic. I think that they would work far better with the playstyle of this game than the larger, two or four funnel ocean liners.
~^{ Francy }^~ Apr 6 @ 6:37am 
omg awsome!!!
Sonio Mar 17 @ 9:29pm 
Forvet Mar 17 @ 6:14pm 
Finally! Something that seems a bit more reasonable as a ferry than those huge Cunards. I just can't see a beauty like your others duty ferry duty in San Francisco Harbor... or River duty on some fictional Mississippi.

An amazing job with all of them, however! I'm in love with these beauties' speed, it makes a Nautical game fully possible.
adrianaguirre_74 Mar 17 @ 5:05am 
Wonderful to see these beautiful smaller cunarders sailing alongside the big ones. Really nice work
thunderstruck_kma Mar 16 @ 4:29pm 
Awesome! Will you be doing the RMS Olympic or Queen Mary?
VandelayOfficial Mar 13 @ 6:49pm 
these are so cool!
dobro Mar 13 @ 1:40pm 
Мммм! Не перестаёте (приятно) удивлять!