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In-Game Biome Map
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In-Game Biome Map

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Simple mod to add an overlay of the biome map on top of the normal map in-game. Very useful if you want to know where the exact borders of the biomes are, without having to tab out for the wiki's map.

Hope you enjoy. :)

Non-Coloured Version here:
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Kenta Nagoya 10 hours ago 
Thanks !!
Shidan  [author] 10 hours ago 
@Kenta Nagoya - Non-Coloured version released, Link in description. :)
ppga 12 hours ago 
Yay! the colours are back! :steamhappy:
Shidan  [author] 12 hours ago 
Working on a non-colour version right now that I'll be uploading separately. Since that's my preference as well. But I figure the main mod should stay colour.
Kenta Nagoya 13 hours ago 
I prefer the previous version. Could it be possible for the colors to be option ?
f03n1x 15 hours ago 
Cheers Shidan, honestly the subtle colours are a much better fit for a map vs. gigantic black borders (this is entirely my own opinion though) but glad you listen to your subscribers!
Shidan  [author] 16 hours ago 
Alright, since there seems to be quite a demand for it, I'll be readding the colour map (with a slight tweak to better define the borders of biomes). It occurs to me that anyone who was using this map over the others like Spoon's was probably here because this was the style of map they preferred, and I shouldn't change that.

Hope you all enjoy! And let me know how you like it. :)
Reap3RSoulz 18 hours ago 
I got on today and realized the map with all the colours is gone ;(.... and now i hate looking at the map
Sauce_Boss 19 hours ago 
Keep up the good work
Tarsis 19 hours ago 
I still think the disclaimer at the bottom of this description is an extreme self-disservice. There are times when readability is more important than "superior graphics". As in maps of dangerous lands. That's really where the old colored map held up, and even the one in the current picture above.


Thanks man.