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[10k x 4k] ECML London to Grantham
Scenario: Europe
Misc: Map
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Mar 11 @ 10:44am
Mar 11 @ 10:52am
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[10k x 4k] ECML London to Grantham

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This is a personal map I've been asked to upload by a couple of people.

Please note, this is a very specific map of the ECML and is designed for recreation of the route in fairly high detail. The amount of towns is not entirely correct, as most of London and surround is designed to "merge" in to a single City (London).

Anyhow, I'll upload some screenshots of the work I've been doing on this map to give you some idea why it is like it is.

YouTube video of me working on this map

Map Dimensions: 10k x 4k
Towns: 71
Industries: 2 (Near Peterborough, blocks Industry generation)

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GrandT  [author] Aug 8 @ 6:35am 
Maps can't cause crashes after they've been loaded in as far as I know.
mjsharp16 Aug 8 @ 6:32am 
no sure if a mods causing it... but mine crashes at 4th july???
dgw862 Jul 16 @ 9:44pm 
this is a 4k map so I can play it
GrandT  [author] Apr 30 @ 6:17am 
There will be another save post beta, I would imagine there isn't much time left on that. By that time a good chunk of the MML will also be including and everything should "just work". :)
wabbithunta Apr 30 @ 6:09am 
Will use your "normal" map and use it as a standard game map for now, until the Beta mode is over, assuming you're posting a saved game later on that is...(post Beta)?
I've plenty of memory and a pretty decent graphics card too, so hopefully there shouldn't be an issues from that standpoint.
GrandT  [author] Apr 30 @ 4:24am 
I agree. I wanted them in here, but the game really doesn't like the Fens. I do have a custom map editor I created myself, I'll probably look in to adding river creation to it.

As a warning, whatever comes next, will contain more cities, suburbs, towns and villages. My current map series is proving 71 towns is lasting a fair while with my base_config (something I will turn in to a mod hopefully), with that latest beta. Apr 30 @ 4:13am 
If you do a MML, perhaps put in the most important rivers because otherwise the terrain is quite boring. Thanks
GrandT  [author] Apr 29 @ 4:47am 
It may be because it is saved from the current Beta. Previous episodes do have older save files. I've spent some time removing some of the unused mods for the next save file, obviously, it'll be from the beta again.
wabbithunta Apr 29 @ 12:32am 
I'm unable to load the saved game. I copied it over to the saved games folder and it says the following on the loading screen (for my saved games in the game menu)

File load error: Invalid file version (103)

I'm assuming it's more than likely to be a mod issue, so I'm going to have to work through the list (over 300!) and see what one is causing the problem. if it's a mod that's the issue that is, unless anyone knows what it could be?
GrandT  [author] Apr 28 @ 8:47am 
No problem, it's a bit of a beast to get running (the save game, not this map). Good luck! :)