Dead Shot Heroes

Dead Shot Heroes

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Official game rules
By One_Man_Machine
Official game rules that will be updated as the game evolves
Basic rules / buildings
Basic game rules

  • Your goal is to destroy the enemy base which looks like this

  • Every team has spawn buildings that spawn creeps. On your way to the enemy base you will encounter 3 secondary spawn buildings, every time you destroy a secondary spawn, 1 creep will be added to your primary spawn buildings (these are the two big spawns next to your base).

  • In order to destroy the base and the primary spawns, you will need to destroy the last tower. There are 4 towers on each side, each tower has a different level and it's properties are based on the level. Every time you destroy a tower, all creeps that will be spawned by both teams, will be spawned on the level of the highest tower destroyed. Which means that if you destroy 4th tower of your enemy, all creeps will be spawned with level 4 (so they have higher damage, more life and spawn more cores/drones).

  • Important!!: When you are within the attack reach of the tower, your grenade ammunition will be upgraded and you will shoot missiles. Use this to attack the tower from a distance or to destroy the enemy creeps / Players and let your creeps destroy the tower. Once you leave the tower attack distance your grenade launcher will re-equip the base ammunition.
Here are the units that you will encounter during the game.

Units description

  • Players / AI - This is you or your enemies

  • Tank - tank has a very long range, shoots grenades and spawns drones

  • Crawler - shoots laser projectiles

  • Drone - shoots laser projectiles, if you destroy the tank that has spawned this drone, the drone will be deactivated and fall down on the ground. Once it reaches the ground it will turn into core.

  • Cores - Every time a bot or a building is destroyed, it spawns cores that attack the killer or any closest player.

Red team

Blue team

Core weapons
Core weapons
  • Every hero has two core weapons.
  • These weapons have infinite ammunition and you are limited only by the reloading speed.
  • You can see next to your weapons two numbers. Current ammunition and Max ammunition.Your guns recharge always up to the max ammunition.

  • The recharging speed and max projectiles can be upgraded in the "Shop" for each core weapon.

Rail gun
  • Small damage
  • Effective against all small targets such as Cores, Drones, Bonuses
  • Can be used to cause critical damage by shooting the bright area on the creeps.

  • Important!!! - If you miss the critical, the creep will hide it and you will need to destroy the creep with your grenade launcher or other weapon.

Grenade launcher
  • Big damage
  • Effective against bots / buildings / players / cores
  • The grenade launcher has limited reach, but this can be upgraded by spending experience points in the menu.
Experience + Special abilities
  • Destroy enemies to gain experience and new levels
  • Each level will increase your health, shield, damage and how far can you shoot grenades.
  • To open the menu Non-VR -> press space bar
  • VR -> press the menu button
  • Use "Upgrade points" to unlock special ammunition or special weapons
  • Non-VR press 1, 2, 3 or 4 to spend the point in the appropriate skill
  • VR - click (shoot) the appropriate button next to your health bar.

Hero types
  • Before you start a game, you can choose a hero
  • Each hero has different abilities so knowing your and your enemies special abilities is very important
  • You can test most of the abilities in the menu while choosing your hero.

Special Abilities
  • ROCK - Special weapon - Point and shoot at the floor to trigger a projectile that causes two explosions, one after the impact with the floor and second one after a delay

  • BOUNCE - Special ammunition for your grenade launcher - when shot, the projectile will bounce twice and cause an explosion and a fire damage lasting 10 seconds on each point of contact with the floor.

  • CHAIN - Special ammunition for your Railgun - if you hit a drone / core / pickup, it will jump on additional targets and destroys them as well. If you shoot a bigger target ( player / tower / bot ) it will cause high damage.

  • METEOR - Special weapon - As soon as triggered, above each enemy hero, a meteor projectile will be spawn. The meteor takes about a second to fall down so if the hero is mobile the meteor will miss it. Use this against a hero that is not moving or moving around the same area.

  • Spikes - Specioal weapon - Once triggered will create a metal spikes all around the caster, causing damage and disabling temporarily all movement and damage of heroes and creeps.

  • Hook - special weapon - Once triggered will eject a hook projectile that will catch first unit in it's path and bring it back to the caster.

  • Swap - special weapon - caster aims at a unit and after a short delay, their positions will be exchanged.

  • - Instant teleport - special weapon - caster can choose a location and after about a second they will be teleported to this location.

  • Damage collector - stack aura - as the player destroys enemy units they gain bonus damage. If the player dies, this bonus damage is lost.

  • Health collector - stack aura - as the player destroys enemy units they gain bonus health. If the player dies, this bonus health is lost.

  • Swap teams - when casted on an enemy bot, the bot will be destroyed and a new bot on a higher level that fights for your team will be spawned

  • Multipple projectiles - every 4th grenade or a missile you shoot, a multipple shots will be shot

  • Return -few seconds after casting on a unit/hero, they will be returned to their position at the time of casting this skill

  • Core swap - Every xth core or a drone destroyed will spawn a friendly core

  • You can improve your special abilities up to 3 times. Upgrades increase the damage, number of projectiles, or range.
Player movement
Non - VR
  • Moves with keys W,S,A,D
  • To use short distance teleport hold F(Touchpad), aim at the floor and release F. Once the progress indicator reaches the destination, the player will be teleported. The speed of this teleport is 2x movement speed.

All movement is done via the touchpad of any controller. You can set different option per hand.
  • Smooth movement - Hold the touchpad, aim directly at the floor, release the touchpad -> the user will slowly move to the destination.
  • Teleport - Hold the touchpad, aim directly at the floor, release the touchpad -> works the same way as short distance teleport for Non-VR user.
  • Joystick - recognizes 4 directions forward / backward / left / right - once you press the touchpad you will move in a relative position to the direction of your gaze until you release the touchpad, Note the direction is calculated at the moment when you press the touchpad so if you move later on head, the direction will not change, you need to press the touchpad again to change it.
  • Tip: When using smooth locomotion on one hand and teleport on the other, if you press two touchpads you will start moving backwards relative you the direction of your gaze, you will keep backing up until at least one hand is still on the touchpad.
  • more types can be implemented if there is demand

Global teleport
  • Non-VR - Hold the "TAB" button / VR - hold the "Grip" button
  • Aim at the minimap next to your friendly unit or your base spawn position and press the (Non-VR Mouse / VR trigger)

Change settings for VR users
  • Press the "Menu" button on your controller and change settings
When any unit is destroyed, they have chance to spawn a pickup. You can collect pickups by shooting them with a rail gun.

Shop + autobuy
To be modified during early access
  • You earn money every time you destroy an enemy unit.
  • Money can be used in the shop, accessible via the button "Shop" on your platform.
  • For now the shop is limited to 5 items that improve:
    - max ammunition for your core weapons
    - faster recharging for your core weapons
    - increased base damage that will be reflected on all your weapons (including special abilities).

By default autobuy is active which means that once you have enough money, the item set in the autobuy menu will be bought. You can change the order of items that will be bought.
Ranking + Leader boards
To be adjusted / modified
  • If you play a multiplayer ( even against bots ) you earn ranking based on the strength of the enemy team.
  • if you win then the stronger the enemy team, the more ranking you gain.
  • At this stage when searching multiplayer games, ranking is not taking into account.
  • When you join a lobby you will not see the opponent's ranking ( for now ) only the number of won games.
  • If you play a single player, you will be placed on a leader board based on number of AI you are playing against. Player with the fastest time will be placed higher on the leader board.
  • During Early access, Every time there is a game update that changes the balance of the game, the leader boards will be reset to make sure the ranking it correct.
Badge can be earned only while playing a single player
If you win a round, depending on the number of your opponents and the difficulty, you will win a badge. This number is then displayed in the multiplayer lobby and could be used to estimate opponent's level.
Here are some useful tips
  • If you don't destroy a creep with a Critical hit, don't waste your railgun ammunition and finish the creep with the grenade launcher.
  • VR - if you are not using joystick locomotion - press both touchpads to move back (relatively to the direction of your gaze), as long as you keep holding at least one touchpad you will keep moving back.
  • Your shield recharges over time based on a percentage so the more experience points you have in your shield, the more shield you recharge per second.
  • You can heal in the home base
  • The length of your respawn time is based on your level.
  • When you destroy an enemy unit (Last hit) you will earn experience and money
  • If you destroy some units, you will be rewarded with an ammunition, if you destroy a core, you will earn a railgun ammunition, if you destroy a bot, you will receive a grenade ammunition.
  • You can redistribute your experience points at any time, for example you can move points from health and move them to your damage if you think that you can avoid taking damage.
  • VR - Chat is available in the menu (menu button), Non-VR press Enter, type, Enter again to send your chat message.