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Additions to the Hearthfire Homes: DLC
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Mar 10 @ 11:11pm
Mar 19 @ 8:07pm
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Additions to the Hearthfire Homes: DLC

This is the DLC add-on for my "Additions to Hearthfires". Built on a separate upstairs workbench, it provides more custom storage for the buildable hearthfires homes, including storage for quest items, such as the Black Books and Elderscrolls. In currently only treats Lakeview.

The bench is located in the Steward's/bard's upstairs bedroom, just inside the door.

Please note, when storing Elderscroll, consider from whom you received it. There are three triggers for the Dragon Scroll: two provided by the "Additions" mod, and a third by this DLC.

"Additions to Lakeview, Heljarchen and Windstad" is required, as are Hearthfires, Dragonborn and Dawnguard. SKSE is recommended.

There are now three distinct dialogue areas, signified by three "physical' symbols, that allow you to store all three versions of the Dragon Elder Scrolls. If you have obtained your Dragon Scroll from Paarthurnax, use the one by the 'dragon' emblem, if you got it from Septimus Signus, use the one by the lexicon, and if you received the scroll from Serana, use the one near the jeweled snake's head.

I am much indebted to Ichikai, author of "Black Books Begone", whose scripts are the basis for those I've used here to store the Black Books and Elder Scrolls. Thank you!

Thank you to every Player who game me feedback on my earler version.
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elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Apr 16 @ 8:15pm 
Hi Strapping Young Chad,

Thanks for your perseverance. Have you unsubbed from ALL the "Additions" mods? I'd advise getting a really clean save. Collect your stuff; leave the building; save. Unsub all 'Additions' mods: save. Go back into the game; reload. Enter the house. It should be clear! Please let me know....
Strapping Young Chad Apr 6 @ 10:12am 
well i've gone ahead and unsubscribed but now everything that came with this mod is stuck there
Strapping Young Chad Apr 6 @ 9:51am 
ohhh okay i understand thanks for clearing that up. i'll collect my things then try it over again
elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Apr 5 @ 9:54pm 
Hi Strapping Young Chad,

The big case should have disappeared with the building of the additional mask display, and if it hasn't, there is a back-up recipe on the workbench that will remove it. However, looking at your other queries, I think you are experiencing persistence carrying over from your use of the “Additions to Lakeview” mod, and the big case is probably a left-over object from the other mod. Essentially, I think you subbed into a dirty save. You need to clean it by reclaiming all your loot, saving, unsubbing both mods, saving, (I’d do it a couple of times) and then subbing the new “Additions to Lakeview, Heljarchen and Windstad”. Then save and reload. If this doesn’t clean it, you may have to return to a save prior to subbing the 3-house version in the first place. Sorry this was not clear from the beginning.
elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Apr 5 @ 9:44pm 
Hi Ironass,

I'm afraid I've never encountered this problem before! You, sir have found an original. I am guessing it is a effect of having spawned the quest items; especially if Dawnbreaker is appearing when you place the sun Elderscroll - I can think of no explaination or connection whatsoever. Could you return to a save before you spawned the items? Or could you use the console commands to remove the plague of Dawnbreakers?
elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Apr 5 @ 9:38pm 
Hi Aiden Dash ,

I love the idea of your gifts of charity! Great use of the excess loot. I'm delighted you find the enhanced Breezehome fun...It was made with a lot of love. But I lay the idea of the outhouse-as-exit at my husband's feet.
Strapping Young Chad Apr 5 @ 10:12am 
hi, i'm back. for the dragon preist mask there is a display case sitting in the way so i cannot put up all the masks i've collected. another issue is i've added arvaks skull through console and when i try to mount it i get a messasge saying i lack the required item. i also am missing some of the displays for the shields and staffs
Ironass Apr 3 @ 7:02pm 
Due to have completed most of the quests in the past, I spawned the items I needed in. For some reason the Dawnbreaker is now blocking accses to those items. It's blockin the Rune Shield, Auriel's Bow. The Dawnbreaker is also spawning when I place the sun elder scroll. Is this an issue with spawning in the items. This is in Lakeview Manor, I have not built any wings except the kitchen.
Aiden Dash Apr 3 @ 7:30am 
Of course, its just a little circle in the floor under a desk, no problem. I just spend nearly the entire night in your edited breezehome from 2-5am just rearranging, sorting things and exploring, its so awesome, I dont know why, but it is. But what worries me, and this is more like a general question too, you left things like a wabbajack or some bones of something, quest or quest reward Items in other chests, which is not that important, but does me picking them up and discretly putting them in a beggars pockets (the 1 Meter Wabbajack of course) trigger some events somewhere ? Now that its day again I noticed I could have just brought it to the testchest to get rid of it, but then I thought that was a good idea to give a beggar something with which he could flip the regime and eat their Sweet Rolled corpses...
elizabethjacksonhall  [author] Apr 2 @ 8:24pm 
Glad you like the"Additions" mod Aiden Dash,

I'll try and remeber to remove the test chest in Lakeview, or at least thin it out. The Breezehome cheat chest was made for someone specifically, and I hope you can just ignore it. I tried to make it inconspicuous.