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Bik - A Space Adventure
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 31, 2014 @ 11:45am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Now available on Steam!
Release Date: October 14
Release date: July 15 2014
A 2D point and click adventure game in space! Eat some sandwiches and save the galaxy!

Reviews - 80%

RETRO - 4 out of 5 stars

Super Game Droid - 4.5 out of 5 stars

Gamezebo - 4 out of 5 stars

"The dialogue is just superb in Bik, which always helps you invest in characters, and the standard is up there with Lucasarts or Sierra’s early efforts. This is not something I say lightly, having been initiated into the genre through Day of the Tentacle."
-Super Game Droid

"After all, it's one thing to make a game that looks retro, but it's another to make a game that's good and just happens to follow a classic aesthetic. Lucky for me, Bik is just such a game. "

"I opened up my inventory, clicked on a bottle of booze, and then clicked on a dog in the scene. 'Clearly Bik is in good hands for this adventure.' was the message displayed. At that early moment I was sure Bik was going to be a pretty good game.

"A good old fashioned wholesome adventure game...featuring lots of murder!"
-Some Guys PC Gaming Adventures

“Bik is accessible to all ilks of players, whether an old school fan or a youngun’ to the scene, it has everything a player could want in a modern adventure game.”

" A charming adventure game throwback and well worth a play for fans of the genre."

“If you love your pointy clicky adventure
titles then you are in for a treat with BIK …”

Let's Play:

Indie MEGABOOTH Pax East 2014
Apple App Store Best New Games

In Bik, we follow a young boy who is abducted by aliens while on a camping trip with his friends. After joining forces with two friendly alien mercenaries, Ammut and Tatenen, Bik escapes from his abductors and tries to find his way home. Along the way, Bik and his newfound friends outsmart hijackers, (eat some brownies), accept a perilous mission to find a missing alien, (make some sandwiches), foil a dastardly plot by an evil corporate empire, (argue with disgruntled robots), and save a planet on the brink of destruction.

More info:

Download the demo (PC,MAC,Linux):

Listen to or purchase the soundtrack from Bik:

"I became the weird sausage-headed being of my dreams and had the privilege of walking around its 70s-chique ship. . . . And oh, my, yes, the EFFING SOUNDTRACK! . . . People, it’s wonderful!”—Chris Priestman,

Things to do in Bik:

  • Point and click (or touch) your way through deeply atmospheric environments.

  • Become absorbed in the world of Bik through an enthralling original soundtrack.

  • Control multiple characters and see the story from different perspectives.

  • Enjoy story-driven, thoughtfully crafted puzzles.

  • Get abducted by aliens!

  • Fire a laser gun!

  • Befriend alien races and join them on adventures in space!

  • Join a mercenary crew aboard a space freighter!

  • And much more!

The Story

Bik, our young human hero, is abducted while on a camping trip by an ancient and mysterious alien race called the Umarians. Coincidentally, our two other-worldly heros, friendly alien mercenaries Ammut and Tatenen, are stranded nearby the Umarian vessel in desperate need of parts for their own ship, the Laterous. Ammut and Tatenen break onto the Umarian ship to steal the parts they need, and they make fast friends with Bik, who frees them after they’re caught and captured. Together, the three escape the Umarian ship, and Ammut and Tatenen promise to help Bik find his way home.

In the meantime, they’ve got a job to finish—delivering nanosoil to the farming planet Baste, known for its crop of squeeg plants. When Ammut, Tatenen, and Bik arrive, the farmer who ordered the nanosoil is distraught because his daughter, Talandra, has just gone missing. He believes she was kidnapped by thugs working for the Squeegmart corporation, owned and operated by the planet SET, which has been intimidating local farmers into selling their land. The mercenaries and Bik go off in search of Talandra, and when they find her they also uncover a diabolical plot that SET will stop at nothing to keep secret.

With the fate of Talandra’s home planet resting in their hands, the four friends travel to the planet SET in search of proof that will save the people of Baste. Will they be caught and vaporized by Squeegmart security? Will they find the proof they need? Will the Laterous hold together long enough to finish the story? One thing is for sure . . . if they make it out of this alive, they’re going to need some sandwiches.
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