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BWA3 Add
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Mar 10, 2018 @ 12:56pm
Apr 12 @ 10:31am
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BWA3 Add

Version: 2.2.1

Dies ist eine Modzusammenstellung, die als Ergänzung der BWMod ( Link ) dient und fügt der Bundeswehrfraktion weitere Luft/Bodenfahrzeuge und Infanterieeinheiten hinzu.

Sie enthält ausschließlich editierte Versionen und keine selbsterstellten 3D Modelle vom

Bundeswehr Dingo von Stevoo4552,
Bundeswehr NH90 von TobiB + marc_book,
Bundeswehr additional Camo von ZeWa,
Night Vision Google - LUCIE von [DSK]Red,
Bo-105 helicopter von Tjockjocke,
HAFM EC-635 von Aplion,
Boeing/SOAR MH-47E von konyo,
BWMod vom BW-Team,
Bundeswehr ReTex Pack (Backpacks only) von Croschi,
Tobi´s Bundeswehr Retex Pack von TobiB
und der Global Mobilization - Demo Vehicle von GalComT, Maverick and Mondkalb.

Genauere Angaben zu den einzelnen Mods und ihren Edits, sind im Modordner in den Readmes zu finden.

Für noch mehr Bundeswehrfahrzeuge, empfielt es sich Redd'n'Tank Vehicles ( Link ) mitzuladen.

This is a mod compilation, which works as a supplement for BWMod ( Link ) and adds several air/ground vehicles and infantry units to the Bundeswehr faction.

It contains exclusively edited versions and no self-created 3D models of the

Bundeswehr Dingo by Stevoo4552,
Bundeswehr NH90 by TobiB + marc_book,
Bundeswehr additional Camo by ZeWa,
Night Vision Google - LUCIE by [DSK]Red,
Bo-105 helicopter by Tjockjocke,
HAFM EC-635 by Aplion,
Boeing/SOAR MH-47E by konyo,
BWMod by BW-Team,
Bundeswehr ReTex Pack (Backpacks only) by Croschi,
Tobi´s Bundeswehr Retex Pack by TobiB
and the Global Mobilization - Demo Vehicle by GalComT, Maverick and Mondkalb.

Specific information for the single mods and their edits, can be found in the additional readmes inside the mod folder.

For more Vehicles of the Bundeswehr, it is recommended to use this mod as well:
Redd'n'Tank Vehicles ( Link ).
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[TNAT] Neilerator Mar 24 @ 6:15am 
I got it now, I was using the HAFM all-in-one alongside the helicopters mod, which was conflicting in this way. Now I got every helicopter, thank you for helping me and sorry for troubling you with it here. I could delete the comments of mine, if you would like to.
[JgBtl533] Patrick  [author] Mar 20 @ 10:06am 
you are playing a mission. in a mission there can be settings for everything, even for zeus not to display certain mods. you must open a blank scenario, place a player, place the zeus module with all addons (including unoficial ones) and sync it with the player. start scenario.
[TNAT] Neilerator Mar 20 @ 6:45am 
I´ve tried that, too. It just doesn´t want to show. Sorry for bothering you with this...With the parameters on the maps I meant that some maps, like Altis, allow you to go into the parameters (it´s an option in the game lobby) where you can choose to give Zeus God Mode and the ability to edit all objects. Don´t know what exactly these mean, though
[JgBtl533] Patrick  [author] Mar 18 @ 11:03am 
? set a "game master" module, go into its attributes and set the "Default addons" to " All addons (including unofficial ones)". that's it!
[TNAT] Neilerator Mar 18 @ 10:51am 
I have that enabled where I can. Some maps don´t allow me to go into the Parameters but I´ve tried it on Altis, too
[JgBtl533] Patrick  [author] Mar 17 @ 9:25pm 
You have to activate external addons in the zeus module.
[TNAT] Neilerator Mar 17 @ 2:20pm 
Strange. I don´t have the helicopter, although I have every dependency installed and chosen
[TNAT] Neilerator Mar 17 @ 8:18am 
Is especially the helicopter visible in Zeus ? I have everything installed but can´t find a NH90 unfortunately
MadMan Dec 4, 2018 @ 1:01pm 
Hey BWA3-Add Team. Someone re-uploaded this mod, along others and probably without permission, to the Workshop.