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Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Guide for Effective Team Work
By Danh
This guide will teach you how to work together effectively as a team. This does not teach you how to use your class but instead show you how effective it can be when everyone does their job.
Did you know this game has a built in squad system with squad functions? In fact, each squad is also split up into THREE fire teams for effective management. AND..each squad has their own designated role and function. Did you know there was a voice chat available for squads only? In fact, the commander can use it to talk to his squad leaders. Also, tanks can use it to talk to their driver and hull mg.
Structure of a Team
So lets talk about the chain of command and the structure of the squads. Generally there are four or five squads depending on if the map is combined arms or not.

Here is how to find the squad menu.

Below I have a picture of the squad menu.

Here you can only see the first three squads. This map is Barracks so there are only four squads total I believe. You can see that each squad is divided into three teams, FT1, FT2, and FT3. Each of the rows in the squad represents another fire team. FT1 is usually your assaulting team. FT2 is your rifle team. These guys can be used to support FT1 by going assaulting or suppression. FT3 is your LMG team. The two rifleman in this team can spawn on their Machine Gunner. FT3 is mainly used for suppression.

Now you can also notice each squad has their own unique roles. Squad 1 and Squad 3 are generally used for assaulting. Squad 3 is a bit better because they have the elite rifleman. Squad 2 is made up of rifleman so they are generally used for defending or suppression. I don't have a picture of Squad 4 but they have two Machine Gunners so they are mainly used for suppression.

Commanding Your Team
Now you have an idea of the roles of each squad and fire team. Lets talk about how to utilize them as commander. Being commander is a tough job, not only do you have to call recon and call artillery, you have to take crap from all the whiners in your team saying that you are a bad job. But, did you know you also had a role in commanding your team and directing the fight? What's in a name, right?

This is a list of possible roles for your squads.
  • Squad 1: Assault
  • Squad 2: Defense, Suppression
  • Squad 3: Assault
  • Squad 4: Defense, Suppression
  • Marksman: Assault, Defense, Suppression

Different maps will call for different strategies depending on the situation. I will use a map like Barracks because it is easy to understand.

As the German Commander, you will want to Squad 1, 2, and 3 to attack D while using Squad 4 to take F and the building next to it. You will want to set up your marksman either with Squad 4 or have him defend the road between D and the barracks. Once you have captured D, you will want Squad 2 to defend it while Squad 1 and 3 attack C. Squad 4 will support and give suppression fire. If you had the Marksman with Squad 4 then he is still in a good position. If you had him cover the area behind D, then he should move up and cover the area between B and C.

Lets talk about why I chose to split my squads this way. Squad 1 and 3 are the assault squads so they are best at attacking. Squad 2 is great for defending. So I chose these 3 squads to attack D. Why did I choose Squad 2 instead of Squad 4 to attack D? It is because Squad 4 has TWO machine gunners that are better used to defend the flanks of the position. If I had Squad 4 inside D, the machine gunners would not have a great view of the battlefield and they would be killed by rifleman in C. The reasoning for Squad 4's placement is the same for the Marksman if you had him with Squad 4. Now, if you had the Marksman behind D, the reason for this is because the Russians have a defensive area behind and to the side of D. There are trenches and windows they can use to attack D from the rear. The Marksman can be used to stop attacks from the rear. Also because the area is rather dark and has limited visibility because of the foliage, the Marksman is crucial for covering this area.

I choose to leave behind Squad 2 when I go to attack C. Squad 2 is made up of only rifleman and it would be silly to use a rifleman squad to attack in close quarters. They are best used for mid-range to long-range defense. D is a great fire base because it has two floors and windows on each side. They can suppress the windows at C and pick off attackers attacking D. This helps Squad 1 and Squad 3 enter C safely. Squad 4 is still in a great position. They can move to see the road between A and C and maintain suppression. Marksman can cover the area between B and C. This stops the Allies from reinforcing C from B as well as reinforcing A from the side.

Once D is captured, you will have to decide to attack either A or B first or try to go for both. Depending on what recon picks up and the situation, either strategy would work. Let's try to go for both at once.

Squad 4 is still good where they are at. They can suppress B and A and stop the Russians from attacking C. You should move Squad 2 to C to defend it. Squad 1 should attack B and Squad 3 should attack A. The reason I choose Squad 3 to attack A is because Squad 3 has the Elite Rifleman and A seems a much more dangerous objective than B. Now there can be a number of ways to enter A or B, but the point is, you are using the squads effectively. Now I will switch over to discuss the role of Squad Leader.
Leading your Squad
I am sure many of you have played this game for many hours and know everything there is to know about Squad Leaders. They get the best guns of course. You use them to throw smoke and mark artillery. When you enter the objective, you cower and hide in a corner while acting as a spawn point for your squad. But, as a leader, you should also lead your squad. I mentioned before that there is a squad chat function you can use to communicate with only your squad. This is helpful because you wouldn't want to relay specific orders over team chat. This would confuse other players when you meant to only talk to your squad.
FT1: Assault Team
FT2: Rifleman Team
FT3: LMG Team

Lets take Spartanovka for example. You are a German Squad Leader of Squad 1. Your commander told you to attack the left side of C. You and your squad are sitting behind the houses planning your assault. There are only a few seconds before you have to move, so how do you want to capture C?

First you want to use FT2 to peek the corners and lay down suppression fire. Then set FT3 along the fences and use your machine gunner to suppress the houses. Next, you tell FT1 to move up as you smoke the flanks. You and FT2 should follow closely behind as FT3 covers your backs and FT1 clears the way ahead. As long as you follow this routine, you are guaranteed to lose very little lives and capture the objective effectively. For other maps and other situations, you will have change how you direct your fire teams of course.
Working in a Squad
Now we move on to talk about the different fire teams.

Fire Team 1
  • Elite Assault
  • Rifleman
  • Rifleman/Elite Rifleman

FT1 is used for assaulting. The Elite Assault should be leading the way and whoever has this role is crucial to the survival of the squad. You do not want to go without caution because the guys behind you are trusting you to lead them safely. The Rifleman and Elite Rifleman has to guard the Elite Assault. As he is looking around the corners, you have to watch his back and look above in case there are open windows.

Fire Team 2
  • Rifleman x3

FT2 is used for defending and suppression. As this fire team consists only of rifleman, they should not be used to lead the squad in an assault. They are better used to over FT1 and to move along with FT1.

Fire Team 3
  • Machine Gunner
  • Rifleman x2

FT3 is used for defending and suppression. In the case of suppression, the Machine Gunner relies heavily on his two rifleman. The rifleman have better mobility so they should scope the area before the Machine Gunner sets up. Also, Rifleman can protect the Machine Gunner as he lays down destructive fire on the enemy. Another bonus for Realism mode, when a rifleman dies, he can spawn on his Machine Gunner so they can continue working together!
That sums it up for how you can manage your team, squad, and fire teams for effective team work. Lastly, I will leave some tips and recaps.
  • Squad Chat is bound to "P". This is the worst key it could be bound to. Please rebind.
  • Squad Chat can be used by Commanders to talk to their Squad Leaders, Tanks to talk within the tank, and Squad members to talk to each other.
  • Each Squad has their own role in the team. Squad 1 and 3 are assault squads while Squad 2 and 4 are defending and suppression squads.
  • Within the squads, the squad members are divided into three teams called Fire Teams. Fire Team 1 is the Assault Team. Fire team is the Rifleman Team. Fire Team 3 is the LMG Team. FT1 is used for assault. FT2 is used to support FT1. FT3 is used to suppress the area of attack.
  • Each member of the fire team has their unique roles in supporting the other members.

This is why the squad system is unused and RO2 does not have effective team work. You don't give a ****.
Finding Other Players
Add {TP} to the end of your name and try to form up with other players that have the same tag in game.

Join the Red Orchestra 2 {TP} group to find other members.


{TP} for team player
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Noxian Jul 4, 2016 @ 12:46am 
This game would've been so much better if everyone used the squad system properly and worked as a team.
ReichsFührerSS Feb 4, 2015 @ 4:37am 
Excellant:Guide thank for the Intel: I'am here to support your Cmmd.{TP}
The Asian Driver Jan 16, 2014 @ 6:27pm 
Hey author. I found something very useful that can help in the game. If there is an armed grenade. And someone is proned on the grenade, there will be no fragment spread. Meaning that only the person on the grenade prone dies and not anyone else near it. Can you please put that in your guide? Thanks.
|Ss_KAISER| Oct 4, 2013 @ 7:30am 
Happens the same to me like Batalla with the SL, when I take it I play better, because I feel like a dad tha must worry about my "sons".
Makes me really angry the typical rank level 10-30 bambi using SL only for the automatic guns....
(Soldat) Viinapappi Oct 2, 2013 @ 7:14am 
Most players just go ****** rambo solo
[MP]BATALLA Apr 4, 2013 @ 8:24am 
Yes, I learned this a while back when I was using the "single player" as basic training. Also, my five years experience in RO1 helped me a lot in RO2. Commander and tank commader are my favor roles, that is why I'm ruthless when I command (because most ppl are ignorant of the RO's tactics) or destroying the enemy tanks.
Thanks Danh for the theory, it sure helps understand this amazing wargame...
tommiegun Mar 24, 2013 @ 2:22pm 
surely helpfull.
Danh  [author] Mar 22, 2013 @ 11:51pm 
Yes but it can be a very rewarding experience.
Red_Painted_Bayonet Mar 22, 2013 @ 11:49pm 
Tough to master.
Fawbert Mar 19, 2013 @ 1:14pm 
am playing now :D