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SQBG (Squad Beginner Guide)
By oTec
This guide is meant to give new players a basic idea of how the game works and to avoid common mistakes, problems and miscommunication wich can affect the gameplay for others.
1. Introduction
This guide is meant to give new players a basic idea of how the game works and to avoid common mistakes, problems and miscommunication wich can affect the gameplay for others.

If you are new, first of all, welcome to the Squad community and i hope you grow to enjoy the game.
The next sections in this guide will contain basic principles and info wich will make your first steps in the game less brutal.

You can also comment on the guide and i will try to answer as soon as possible if you have any questions or join the discord to ask them in person. https://discord.gg/x9q9Dvd
2. Game options
In game options, i advise you (1) to turn off mouse smoothing (for raw input) and hold to crouch.
You are going to be crouching around frequently for long periods of time, this will make that easier.
Turning off hold to lean is a personal choice but it greatly helps with lowering your profile while running through fields.

I also advise (2) to keep the 3 UI options on, as they will display extra info about a kit when mousing over the role screen and in the squad leader radial menu.

When Squad recieves an update, it is best to clear the user cache (3) to prevent any crashes/freezes or bugs. Do this evrytime Squad updates to prevent this. Squad will clear all your options and bindings and restart.
You can also do it manually to prevent having to reboot squad by deleting the folder saved in Appdata/Local/Squad.
Official link below:

The last option is the gamma slider (4), by turning this up to max, it will help seeing enemy players in dark and forest areas. (As of V11, just tune this to your own liking. Mine is at 2.65 due to some maps being too bright)
Preformance wise, turning off shadow (5) will also yield a big fps boost.
Keep view distance (6) on high, to spot those distant targets.
One last point is eye adaptation (7) , keep this on. This helps with differences in dark and light enviroments.
3. Servers
Choosing the right server can make or break your experience in squad.
Points to keep in mind for server choice are:
  • Ping
  • Language
  • Current game mode
  • Players

An example, i am from Belgium and i only speak dutch/english and a small amount of french.
Based on that, my best choices would be the highlighted servers since they have low ping, english as the main language, a simple game mode (AAS/PAAS) and a high amount of players.
4. Game modes
There are a total of 6 game modes in squad, of wich 2 are featured on most servers.
I will only discuss the popular modes, additional info can be found here:

  • Advance and Secure (AAS/PAAS)
  • Conquest
  • Insurgency
  • Invasion
  • Skirmish
  • Territory Control

One thing to remember on all maps is that Squad will always indicate on the map wich points need to be defended and attacked, act accordingly.
Flags that can be attacked by the opposing team will be marked with a purple shield icon, flags that can be attacked by your team with a yellow downwards facing triangle shape.

Another important note is to never leave the defence flag unguarded.
Defence is always more important than offense, should you lose your defense flag, it can spiral the game into a rapid defeat.

The most popular game mode is Advance and Secure, wich splits up into the linear variant (AAS) and the parallel variant (PAAS). The difference is found in the path of the flags.
In AAS/PAAS, the objective is to cap the flags in the order marked by the connections between the flags.
Gaining/losing flags also have ticket gains/losses tied to them.
Below the difference between Kokan-AAS and PAAS.

Invasion is a game mode that is also often in the map rotation. In invasion, the defending team starts with all the flags and a large amount of tickets. The defender cannot capture/recapture any flag they lose. Defenders also have access to temporary spawns at the start of the match wich dissapear after a set amount of time.
The attacker starts with a set amount of tickets and gains tickets for evry flag the capture from the defending team. Flags have to be capture in a specific order like in AAS.

5. Tickets
Tickets determine wich team wins the match and can be found at the top when you check the scoreboard. In squad, you can only see your own team's tickets.

You can gain tickets by:

  • Capturing a flag
  • Neutralizing an enemy flag
  • Reviving a player who has been downed

You can lose tickets by:

  • Friendly flag gets neutralized
  • Friendly flag gets captured
  • Friendly player gives up after being downed / gets killed
  • Scuicide of a player
  • Friendly vehicle gets destroyed
  • Losing of a friendly FOB
  • Ticket bleed (if you have less flags then the opposing team)

For more info about the amount of tickets, please consult https://squad.gamepedia.com/Tickets
6. Staging Phase
After map load, there is a pre-match 3 minute (180 seconds) staging phase wich allows squads to be formed, tactics to be discussed by squad leaders and vehicles to be mounted.
During this phase, play close attention to what your squad leader has to say.

Some points regarding this period:

  • Do not spawn in untill you are told to do so.
  • Do not spam squad chat, your squad leader is talking to other squad leaders and needs to be able to hear.
  • Do not take any vehicles unless your squad leaders orders you to do so.
  • Make sure your squad has 2 medics, fill when needed.

The timer will appear in the middle of the screen.

During this period, you cannot fire your weapon nor leave the main base.
7. Teams and vehicles
Each team has a different look, weapons and access to faction specific vehicles.
It is important to have knowledge of these subjects to avoid friendly fire and have good battlefield awareness.

Factions are divided into 2 groups.

    Conventional armies
  • US army
  • Russian ground forces
  • British army
    Rebel factions
  • Insurgents
  • Irregular militia

This topic of the gamepedia covers all the information about this subject.

Be sure to learn the visual appearance of the infantry and wich vehicles each faction uses.
Some factions like the Russian ground forces and militia/insurgents share vehicles due to similair background or history.

One other important point is the sound of gunfire / sound of vehicles, being able to determine if it is enemy or friendly is often a matter of life or death.
8. Spawn options and FOB's
On each map, you will always have different choices of spawn points.
There are 3 sorts of spawnpoints.

  • Main base
  • HAB (HESCO Accommodation Bunkers)
  • Rally point

1) Main base

The main base spawn is always available to you and your team and has the shortest respawn time.
It is a protected spawn zone wich also harbours your vehicles at the start of the match and where they will respawn after getting destroyed. It also houses repair stations and ammo boxes, and is the resupply zone for logistics trucks.

2) HAB

The HAB is a spawn bunker wich requires a FOB (radio) to be build first.
It is useable by the whole team and has a shorter respawn than the rally point.
The radio is marked with a blue crown symbol (if the HAB is active) or a red crown symbol (if the HAB is not build/being destroyed) or if the radio is getting destroyed.

Requirements for building a HAB.

  • Having a FOB (radio) within 100m
  • Having enough construction points

Your squad leader will need 2 team members (of any squad) within 8m of him to put a radio down.
After this he can place a hab or other deployables wich need to be build using the shovel.
Left click builds, right click destroys. BE CAREFUL TO NOT DESTROY DEPLOYABLES

To know that you are in range of a radio, you can check the top left corner of your screen.
It will display the health of the radio, your faction flag, the supplies on the FOB (radio) and if the HAB is active.

Construction points and ammo points can be picked up at your main base and dropped off at your FOB (radio) using a logistics truck (truck marked with ammo symbol).

3) Rally points

Rally points can only be placed by your squad leader if he has one squad member within 8m of him and no enemies with 50m.
If an enemy gets within 10m of the rally point, it gets destroyed.
Should the enemy be within 50m when placing the rally point, it will fail and have a 180second cooldown.
Each rally point holds 9 spawns for your squad only and have a higher cooldown then a HAB, so watch the counter and let your squad leader know if it gets low. NEVER USE THE LAST RALLY SPAWN

9. Role selection
A good squad relies on a good role selection.
A typical squad will have 2 medics, 2 LAT (light anti tank) and a good use of optics.
When you open the map screen and join a squad, you will be presented with all the possible roles.
If you enabled the UI options, stated in paragraph 2 of this guide, mousing over a class will display info about its role and the loadout of each class.

New players are often best served using the rifleman role untill they have enough experience to field another, more specialized role.

More info can be found on https://squad.gamepedia.com/Kit_Role_Selection
10. First aid and death
Another important aspect of squad is first aid. Should you be wounded and live to tell the tale, you will need to take steps to ensure your survival.
Each class comes equipped with 2 bandages (medic has 6) wich stop bleeding.
To apply a bandage to yourself, select it and just hold right mouse click. You can also bandage other people, but if you are not a medic this is not advised unless in critical situations.
To check if you are bleeding, watch the right bottom icon. It will flash orange and you will also get visual clues on screen.

The right bottom corner also hold other important info like stamina, ammo count, fire mode of your current weapon, your weapon range and your stance.

After bandaging yourself, it is often wise to find a medic to heal you back to full health.

Should you suffer from a less fortunate fate, then there are 2 options of results.
Either you will be downed or killed.
In a downed state, a medic is still able to revive you and your team does not lose a ticket until you bleed out or give up. A general rule of thumb is to only give up if there are no medics near or when you are down in a risky place.
However, if a medic revives you and you get downed again within a minute, you will be killed and not able to be revived again.
If you are insta-killed by large caliber round or explosion from an IED, the only option is to respawn.
11. Logistics and resources
Logistics are an important part of Squad and will help your team reach victory.
After your squad leader has planted a FOB (radio) down, he will need supplies to start building within the 100m radius of the radio. For this, he will need a logistics truck (logi) to drop these.

There are 2 sorts of supplies:

  • Construction
  • Ammo

Construction is needed for building HAB's, ammo boxes, repair stations etc. It is also needed to repair vehicles at a repair station.
Ammo is needed to rearm at ammo boxes, supply ammo for emplacements like mortars and machine guns etc and to rearm vehicles at repair station.

Doing logistics runs is simple. Pick up a truck at the main base or one that has been left on the map. When you are at your main base, select the resource you want using the weapon selection and then hold right mouse button. To drop, drive in range of a FOB (radio) and hold left mouse button.
The counter for your resources is shown on the right bottom corner.

Before doing a logi run, always consult your squad leader if he needs one and what he needs.
Half-half is a term often used for 1000 contruction and a 1000 ammo but he might state specific numbers. Keep this in mind with evry logi run.

12. Crippling the enemy
The key to winning a prolonged firefight is often the denying of enemy spawnpoints.

  • Rally's

Taking down rally's is simple, just walk near an enemy rally and it will dissapear.
Keep an eye out since people are spawning on them, so don't blindly sprint right at them.

Difference between US rally and Militia/Insurgent.

  • HAB

Taking down an enemy HAB is more complex. Should the FOB (radio) and HAB be placed right next to eachother, first camp the HAB and have a friendly dig it down. If the HAB roof dissapears and you get an audio que, it will no longer be spawnable for the opposing team. Then dig down the radio. When the FOB (radio) is destroyed, all the deployables dissapear except walls and sandbags.

Should the FOB (radio) be found, digging it down is simple. Just to be sure to keep someone on guard, since anyone within the FOB (radio) range will see the health of it go down.


If you only find the HAB, just camp it and have a friendly disable it.
Leaving the HAB in a disabled state will prevent the enemy team to build a new one until your team finds and destroys the FOB (radio).

13. Important mechanics
  • Ranging your weapon and fire mode
Certain weapons can be ranged in function of the distance you are shooting at and have different fire modes.
Scopes can often not be ranged in but have a visual representation inside the scope for the ranges.
This weapon is ranged at 100m and is on 3 round burst.

  • Bipod
Some weapons have bipods wich can be deployed for increased accuracy and lower recoil.
Keep in mind that it will restrict the movement of the weapon and you will need to remain stationary.

  • Movement

In squad, you are able to climb over/under alot of objects. Keep this in mind since it can save your life or can mean your demise.

  • Armor
As of V11, directional armor has been added to Squad. Before you fire at a vehicle, consult the firing range and take note of the armor values. They will mean the difference between life and death.
Always engage armor straight and never under an angle, this will cause ricochet shots.

  • Resupply
If you run out of ammo, you can resupply on ammo crates or vehicles if they have ammo points.
Each class requires a certain amount of points.

"Resupply costs have been updated to the following: 25 Ammo Points: Medic, Rifleman, Crewman, Medic, Officer; 50 Ammo Points: Grenadier, AR, MG, Marksman; 100 Ammo Points: LAT, Sapper, US/GB HAT; 150 Ammo Points: Rus/Mil/Ins HAT " - As of V11

Repairing / rearming vehicles must be done at a repair station on a FOB (radio) with sufficient resources. You can drop the ammo of vehicles onto a fob even when the vehicle is not a logistics truck.

  • Flag Capture

Keep in mind that it takes only 1 player to cap a neutral flag and 3 to cap an enemy flag.
If you have more people on the flag then the opponent then you will capture unless you do not own the previous flag.
This can often lead to "double neutrals" wich means both teams have neutralized their opponents flag at the same time. This means in case of this situation, you only need 1 man on your next neutral flag to cap it, often leading to victory of the team wich has caused the double neutral.
At the start of the game, this also makes rushing the opponents first flags very hard since they only need to have 1 man on the neutral flag to cap it due to lack of ownership of the previous flag.
Squad information screen static
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oTec  [author] Jun 6 @ 10:33am 
@H4ilToTheKing If it is a FOB&HAB being left behind when moving to next obj, it is indeed their own fault for not digging it up (unless other SL's asked to leave it). If it is a FOB&HAB in a relevant position that is being used by the team (not one squad), then it is the whole team responsibilty. Can't blame squad one, who placed a perfectly fine hab and then moved to the attack flag for losing a hab while the others use it and then fail to defend it. But as i said, if it is one squad whom placed a hab in a weird place for their own convenience and then lose it, it's all on them.
H4ilToTheKing Jun 5 @ 6:27pm 
@oTech It doesn't matter. If you place it, it's your job to defend it. If it's an old point, it's your job to dig it up.

You have a kid, it's your job to defend it, it's your job to watch over it, it's your job to kick it out of the house after done with school lol.

A Fob is your kid. If you don't want to defend, don't build Fobs =)
oTec  [author] Jun 5 @ 12:11pm 
@Bosswave Thanks for the kind words.
Bosswave Jun 5 @ 11:54am 
An excellent guide. The combination of theory and pictures is perfect. Keep up the good work!
oTec  [author] Jun 5 @ 10:51am 
@H4ilToTheKing Do you mean a FOB&HAB wich is left behind when you capture the next objective or an actual FOB&HAB wich is still relevant for the current objectives?
In case of the latter, i'd say all squads who use it have a responsibility to defend it in case of attack. It is a team asset. However, if it is placed solely for the use of one squad, who in his own judgement placed a FOB&HAB in a stupid place, it is indeed their fault.
H4ilToTheKing Jun 4 @ 2:05pm 
Can people please, PLEASE, for the love of all that is awesome. Tell people that if you place the hab, YOU are responsible for guarding said hab. No one else. Just like parenting. That pisses me off soo much when noob SL's place a hab then abandon it expecting some other squad to defend it!
oTec  [author] May 29 @ 10:38am 
@[S-94] George Warren Thank you, i appreciate it.
[CoGr] George May 28 @ 8:29pm 
Great guide for begginers, im not one but definitly will reccomend this to people.
oTec  [author] May 13 @ 8:24am 
@w0wzer i've noticed no preformance difference between max setting and off.
w0wzer May 12 @ 9:33pm 
Dont turn of anti aliasing lol you'll lose hella frames like that