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HIP - Expanded Trade
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Mar 9, 2018 @ 12:08pm
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HIP - Expanded Trade

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Last updated for 3.0 / HIP version Furry4, SWMH-only
HIP installer (creds to zijistark and his boys):
*Additionally, either Horse Lords *or* Jade Dragon is necessary for the mod to work

Project aiming to add trade routes to the entire world while making it reasonably balanced. This is only compatible with the Historical Immersion Project overhaul mod, there won't be a vanilla version.

The following has been done so far:

- Rebalanced Merchant Republics, trade posts and all associated buildings and values associated with them
- Increased the income penalty downstream when there are hostilities in a province along a trade route
- Added "Imperial Roads", a large European trade network administered from German lands
- Added "French Route", connecting important French coastal cities and cities like Paris, Dijon and Toulouse
- Added "English Roads", a trade network for England
- Added "Trans-Saharan Route", a massive trade network through all of Africa
- Added "Via Egnatia", connecting Constantinople and Dyrrachium
- Added "Baltic Roads", a trade road from between between the Baltic lands, Poland and adjacent countries
- Added "Pannonian Route", a trade route from Venice to Krakow
- Added "Varangian Route" from Constantinople to Gotland
- Added "Volga Route" from Baghdad to Ladoga
- Added "Iberian Route", a trade network throughout Iberia
- Added "Italian Roads", a trade network connecting the city states and large cities like Milano and Florence
- Added "Ochsenweg", a trade road from Hamburg through Denmark
- Added single trade post potentials to regionally important ports like Lisboa, Naples, Syracuse, and Dublin

More stuff will come later. To remove the middle-eastern trade post models, download
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Apr 13 @ 3:23pm
What's next?
Bey Therion
< >
Stefano 3 minutes ago 
With the latest version of HIP Furry4, there are lots of trade routes, I disabled all other mods, this did not fix it.
Bey Therion  [author] 7 minutes ago 
Baggio 2 hours ago 
Is this mod compatibile with The Great Trade League mod ?
Bey Therion  [author] 14 hours ago 
I think I've fixed it now. Tell me if something's still wrong
Bey Therion  [author] 15 hours ago 
Glad you're having fun
j.gladfly Apr 20 @ 5:25am 
Also, thanks for this great mod! Having to play without it really highlights how much depth it adds, especially to HRE and Iberia!
Bey Therion  [author] Apr 19 @ 7:58am 
Disable it for now, I'm on vacation
elderiii Apr 18 @ 2:07pm 
I have the same issue. Currently with the new Furry4 release from HIP if I choose the "Search for smith" option in the Intrigue menu I get a pop up window saying something like "now is not the best time to search" or something like that.... If I disable Extended Trade I can then use the Search for Smith option normally.

I don't have any idea as to why since the Search for Smith option doesn't seem to be related to trade routes and trade posts.
j.gladfly Apr 17 @ 5:07pm 
It was working with Furry3, but I just went through and disabled mods one at a time until I narrowed it down to this one. I was just able to use the decision with all the other mods I use enabled.
Bey Therion  [author] Apr 17 @ 3:16pm 
Strange, because I don't mod decisions.