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Master Quest

Oct 31, 2013 - version 1.4

Legend of Grimrock - Master Quest is a complete re-working of the entire original game with tons of new puzzles, updated dungeon designs, unique story elements, and more. It has been referred to as "Grimrock on Steroids" and "Grimrock 1.5"

The source files are available as a separate download on Grimrock Nexus (grimrock.nexusmods.com/mods/239), including the main dungeon editor file and many supporting files.

- The overarching dungeon layout is similar, but there are lots of local changes to specific rooms, and some completely new areas have been added as well.
- Original assets were used for the most part, with a few notable exceptions (such as Daniv's excellent wall set variations).
- Most major items have been moved.
- Puzzles have been generally "upgraded".
- The base difficulty level is increased:
* stronger monsters
* more monsters
* trickier puzzles (some with added clues)
- The difficulty (and XP awarded) scales up dramatically according to the average level of the champions at the start (a one-time basis), so you can import your original Grimrock dungeon party and continue your adventure and advancement.
- There is increased replayability as high-level imported parties can expect to gain around 9 or 10 additional levels, and a variety of new skill tomes also add to the progression.
- The dungeon scaling is designed to work well for parties starting out from level 1 up to level 25 or so, with the high end earning their way up to around level 35 by the end. This provides a unique chance to max-out multiple skills which really changes the strategy and approach to playing Grimrock.
- A whole new "loot" system has been added which tells you how much wealth your party has accumulated from the dungeon!
- Every item in the game has judiciously been assigned a loot value, adding a new dimension to inventory decisions about what to toss and what to keep.
- Your party will periodically be "ranked" and titled according to your current loot total, with a final accounting and verdict issued near the end of the game.
- A new armor set system has been worked in, rewarding you with interesting stat and condition bonuses if you can collect and equip any of six different complete armor sets.
- An entirely new side storyline has been added (Lord Perel's failed expedition), and other lengthy writings have been expanded upon or added containing new lore and background fiction.
- Earthquakes play a bigger role and affect the party, monsters, and the surrounding environment.
- Spell scrolls now grant a small skill or stat bonus, so they are not totally worthless.
- Two new bosses await your challenge! (One is optional)
- The original 71 secrets have been greatly expanded to 120.
- There is an extended end-game denouement that takes place after the events of the original last battle, ultimately leading to a final frenetic escape from Mount Grimrock.
- A "Quick Action Bar" has been implemented to allow for handy gear swapping and fast potion quaffing.
- Many other small changes, additions, improvements, etc, have been made to the original labyrinth.

This project began as a precise re-creation of the original Legend of Grimrock dungeon with all its puzzles and scripting, largely as an exercise in mastering the editor. As I neared completion of that monumental task, I asked myself "Self, aren't people bored of the original game by now?". So I figured, why not pull a "Zelda" and create a changed-up re-imagined harder version and call it the Master Quest?

For the most part things will feel very familiar to the original game while offering a ton of fresh changes and cool extras to give you a revitalized Legend of Grimrock experience!

Feel free to contact me (official Grimrock forums) with any comments or bugs/problems you find, how you liked or didn't like the puzzles, clues, fights, story, etc, or anything else.


PS - If your console is enabled you have the option to turn on all the debug print messages I used to figure out how things were working or not. Simply press Z and X at the same time to toggle them on/off. Warning - the debug messages may contain many spoilers.

PPS - This mod requires Grimrock version 1.3.6 or higher. (Macs should have 1.3.7 or higher to avoid the "out of memory" bug)

For you Secret-Hunters out there, here is a chart that lists the secrets-per-level:
Level Secrets SubTotal
3_____12____23 (3 on lv4)
4_____13____36 (1 on lv5)
5_____8_____44 (1 on lv6)
6_____14____58 (5 on different levels)
7_____14____72 (4 on lv8 )
9_____14____99 (1 on lv10)
10____14____113 (3 on lv11)

A detailed walkthrough and a full list of secrets and collection items (with pictures and descriptions of how to get each one) can be found here:

QUICK ACTION BAR: (by JohnWordsworth)

The Quick Action Bar functions as follows:

- Click on the right side of the panel to move it anywhere on the screen.
- Select an active champion from the four champion buttons on the left side.
- With a champion selected, the action buttons do the following:
* The axe/shield button swaps the items in the champion's hands with whatever is in the first two slots of the champion's inventory.
* The healing and energy potion buttons will consume a potion in ANY champion's inventory (but not in sacks/chests) and apply it to the selected champion.

- Press ',' to toggle the quick bar on/off.
- Press '.' to reset its position (in case it gets stuck under the portraits).
- 1,2,3,4 to select champions (also, i,o,k,l)
- g,h,j to activate the three buttons ("Gear" swap, "Health" potion, energy "Juice")
- Or click on the tiny ".." in the upper right corner to customize all the hotkeys to your liking

- Radar6590: item
- Wanderer: item
- Phitt: many models
- JohnWordsworth: code, GMT, QAB
- Xanathar: code, item
- Ixnatifual: code, item
- Mutman: item
- grimwold: code
- LordYig: code, item
- Daniv/Sutekh: code, textures
- wallasaurus: model
- Isaac: model
- Leki: monster
- Skuggasveinn: model
- undeaddemon: textures
- Midnight Syndicate: music

- Dr.Disaster (extremely helpful!)
- mahric
- Drakkan
- Wanderer
- RMariano
- Neikun
- J. Trudel


1.4 - Oct 31, 2013
- NEW: Quick Action Bar!
- NEW: Armor Sets!
- resting-to-heal-poison exploit fixed!
- spell scroll element bonuses increased
- entitiesAt and allEntities fixes
- dreamland orb light fix
- fixed archery book text
- updated and fixed some pressure plates
- Maze of Madness hint update
- swapped positions of some armor
- some teleporter sounds fixed
- Nex alcove coded differently
- "crazy door" will stop later
- added a couple tar beads
- a spectral relay puzzle now reversible
- tic tac puzzle made easier, quicker
- added a small click sound cue for a puzzle
- Ogre Crossing lights updated
- altered some button links and appearances
- adjusted the exact position of some items
- changed a wall to a portcullis
- blocked an enemy to a certain area
- lightScript now tracks darkness spell
- a late boss "beefed up" for balance
- added an ongoing console clear function
- adjusted two minor loot values (junk)

1.3 - Apr 23, 2013
- dagger value now displayed correctly
- fixed misspelling: "bath" changed to "bathe"
- moved a wall slightly for a puzzle to work better

1.2 - Mar 29, 2013
- fixed wake-up crash better, no more picking invisible items
- added two extra buttons to solve a couple door issues

1.1 - Mar 21, 2013
- fixed wake-up crash if holding scroll of enchant shock arrow
- improved method of version checking
- changed "gift of sharp light" clues

1.0 - Mar 16, 2013 - public release!
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