A villain who is insecure about his evil laugh. [Saxxy Awards 2017]

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Bomb Color Mar 20 @ 6:54am 
ToddTheFlyRex Mar 13 @ 10:41am 
As much as I love the animation this video seems so unfinished, the video has no other sounds but the characters, ends with no true ending, then doesn't reference Source Filmmaker at all.
Rinta Mar 13 @ 9:53am 
Probably won't be a nominee cause no "source film maker" sequence at the end, but voted for it anyway, good short comedy entry.
Jackrifleman Mar 12 @ 11:12pm 
Such expressive and fluid animations! I love it.
ChaosDX Mar 12 @ 5:58pm 
You can't fake an evil laugh. You have to feel it. Its that moment where you've brushed aside all obstacles they thought they could put in your way, and you're riding on the momentum of your victories with the true prize moments away!
Orbital Cheese Mar 12 @ 5:26pm 
'Not Saxxy material' second time I've read such a comment, that's just so stupid and pretentious to say. How and in what way even??
Hughy Antibatota Mar 11 @ 4:08pm 
he doesnt quite know how to work with 60fps animation.
[LFG] MikkR1 Mar 11 @ 2:05pm 
The guy HAS permission. The voice actor himself liked the video and featured it on his channel.
Osac Mar 10 @ 10:01am 
Love the animation style btw
Osac Mar 10 @ 10:01am 
Everyone saying it's illegal is wrong. At worst it breaks the contest rules, that's all.