War Crossed Lovers [Saxxy Awards 2017: Short/Comedy]

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"A bunch of mercenaries tries their best to finish their action scene, but trouble gets along the way.

Created by:
Fruit (Director)
HoovyTube (Lead Animator, editor, cinematographer)
Alexe (Modeler)
Musetrigger (Voice Actor: Scout)
Dr.Hoctor (Voice Actor: Soldier/Civillian)
Razzlet (Animator)

Music owned by Valve.
Made in Source Film Maker."
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ToddTheFlyRex Mar 13 @ 10:42am 
There seems to be a fatal error with the audio.
Knusperfrosch Mar 13 @ 1:49am 
What R4ND0MCR4P123™ wrote.
The idea is hilarious though, Oh dear, Soldier sure loves that bucket, does he.
I foresee Miss Pauling shooting another movie director into the head and burying him next to the first director (the one from the Meet the Team videos) in that abandoned mine shaft.
Bobnoxious Mar 12 @ 9:19pm 
Dude. It was funny. It was good animation. But the sound coming out of one ear..... why bro?
Mr. Grizz Mar 12 @ 9:07pm 
the only thing scout can't outrun is virginity
Cyndaneerヒノアラシ Mar 10 @ 10:01pm 
The sounds pretty off, but I think it's nice
SunderMind Mar 10 @ 6:01pm 
Yes, the sound is only on one side, which is quite disturbing.
HavocTheMushroom Mar 10 @ 6:01pm 
Audio's broken :|
Kritten Mar 10 @ 5:51pm 
my right ear loves this
my left ear is a huge protester though
2Nerds153 Mar 10 @ 2:18pm 
its like that one saxxy a few years ago where its about makinging a movie
Silas Greaves Mar 9 @ 9:00am 
There's something weird with the audio . On headphones , it only uses one side instead of both .