Team Captain [Saxxy Awards 2017]

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"Thanks for watching! (Yes I know I left time stamps in, which was a terrible mistake, but we simplley didn't have time enough for another render. please forgive me)
This has been a passion project, brought to you by me and 3 of my very good friends.
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Animation, writing, and directing - Victor R. Joensen (Stovepipe)
SFX Editing & Production - Eskild Middelboe (Reqez Kupo)
Soundtrack - Seana Thompson (ichopcelli)
Custom Assets - Benjamin Hantusch (Jarate Master)

Workshop assets used:

Archimedes model:

Gibbed models:

TF2 Letters:"
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Asiro1 Mar 13 @ 11:33am 
It has some problems ,but the story just makes me forget about them ,it's probably my favourite entry. Great job.
Song8ird Mar 13 @ 10:29am 
Despite the little mistakes, this was actually really good. The story was easy to follow and the pacing was excellent. Overall, great job!
ShaunOfTheN00bs Mar 13 @ 6:21am 
If this were to go through one more render cycle/coat of digital polish, this would be a real contender for best overall. Heck, if the next year is spent working on polishing everything, the reupload of this would do well.
Drascalicus Mar 12 @ 11:08pm 
I liked it, good story and all, but the animation needs work. It felt too stiff and janky, but nice job with the intro.
ninacoolgirl Mar 12 @ 5:30pm 
Best thing I've seen so far! Honestly the intro animations could be in a category all on its own, you really can feel the character's personalities if that makes sense, loved this!!
The Wanderer Mar 12 @ 5:27pm 
If you ask me, I thought the timestamps were a part of the video, kind of added to the feel. Great work!
P42DC | #AllAboardAmtrak Mar 12 @ 12:23pm 
Is it sad and pathetic I miss autobalance?
JustABanana Mar 12 @ 9:33am 
Great video, the whole team seems very talented but I didn't feel like this animation is saxy worthy. I'd love to see more from you next year.

Things that annoyed me:
-the guy wins the game for his team, then gets autobalanced is a joke that milions of animations already did
-the animation was clunky at times
-the story is predictable from the start- you have a pro who teaches noobs who then beat up the enemy team

Again, I liked the animation but I just didn't feel like it was Saxxy worthy
Aw, you could have added cinematic black bars to hide the text. Even then, it's still pretty good!
conga dancing alien Mar 12 @ 8:22am 
If only that happened to me when I get autobalanced