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5*5 km Island with mountains, farming fields, industrial and military facilities, villages and cities.
Russian Forces vs USA.

New screenshots (it's a CHORE to upload 30 new screenshots to workshop one by one):

PAAS (Morning and Day versions):
Tickets: 600 (both sides)
RU vehicles: BRDM-2 x4(120s), BTR80 x2(210s), Minsk x4(60s), Ural Transport x4(60s), Ural Logi x4(60s)
US vehicles: HUMVEE x4 (120s), MATV x4(120s), M939 Transport x4(120s), M939 Logi x4(120s), Stryker x1 (300s)

*Type in console "AdminChangeMap Finkarus_PAAS_Morning" or "Finkarus_PAAS_Day"to play in solo game
*Type in console "AdminDisableVehicleClaiming 1" to enable driving around in solo game
*Water kills right away (serves as map border)
*There is barely any optimization in (there seems to be a big performance hit around "Castle Ruins" and I can't figure out what is causing it, performance may drop to Narva's level)

Custom keybinds:
Vehicles (driver only, not for HUMVEE):
1 - wide lights; 2 - far lights; 3 - side lights (MATV only)

Known Issues:

Planned for near future:
Improve forests
Add more interior details for currently present locations
Add more locations

Planned for far future:
Create masks for vehicle lights
Complete Kristogorsk
Togglebale lights for all weapons

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Apr 9 @ 5:07pm
Sun intensity?
[Squad-Wiki] DanielNL
< >
Walk It Off, Petrov Jun 24 @ 3:37pm 
Yeah, those didn't work in that case.
LoRDHitMan  [author] Jun 24 @ 3:12pm 
uuuum, should be normal ones, altho i haven't opened vehicle bps in a while..
Walk It Off, Petrov Jun 24 @ 1:27pm 
Ah, so they're numpad numbers? I'm all max. I guess I didn't think of that, cause I lack intelligence. *Intelligence raised to 1*
LoRDHitMan  [author] Jun 24 @ 2:52am 
vehicle lights? should still be working. what setting r u playing on?
Walk It Off, Petrov Jun 23 @ 5:04pm 
Am I just dumb or are the lights not working anymore because of V10?
Kinny37 Jun 21 @ 1:06am 
It's nice to see some proper interiors for once in this game, even though its probably causing a nice hit on the frame rate. Map looks beautiful
LoRDHitMan  [author] Jun 11 @ 7:30pm 
finally managed to upload update to v11
LoRDHitMan  [author] Jun 3 @ 1:47pm 
Gonna close off the underground area of "Castle Ruins" till better times, can't find a way to optimize it... also gonna have to reduce amount of entarable buildings at kristogorsk for the same reason
LoRDHitMan  [author] May 4 @ 2:13pm 
just tested it on v11, performance was fine for me, usually 50-60 fps in offline mode, except for "castle ruins", i get 20-30 fps there. i think that i found the issue and will fix it in next update that will come out once sdk will be updated.
Sandwich Apr 21 @ 6:10am 
Very good job! Beautiful