Espionage (Saxxy Awards 2017: Action)

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--------------------------------------------------Espionage | SFM----------------------------------------------------

The big boss contacts a Spy as his last resort to secure intelligence from a nearby enemy storage warehouse


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--------------------------------------------------Espionage | SFM----------------------------------------------------"
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Rudmeerr's Radio Mar 13 @ 4:15am 
is gud - heavy 2007
Phhase Mar 13 @ 12:57am 
Needs more sound design and ambience, but otherwise ok.
Knusperfrosch Mar 13 @ 12:16am 
1:16 min: I think the Medic had dropped some acid earlier and was high. :steammocking:
Interesting idea of misdirecting the sentry into shooting the sniper.
West Virginia Mar 12 @ 8:41pm 
Moist and delicious.
H A M Mar 12 @ 8:03pm 
Meh i kind of liked this but disliked it at the same time so im not really gonna vote on this one
Garlic Pudding Mar 12 @ 7:22pm 
Using the camera as night-vision goggles was clever---good use of props!
Pancakes Mar 12 @ 4:05pm 
This was awesome! I especially liked how you did the lighting when spy considred killing the sleeping man.
azmark Mar 12 @ 2:31pm 
Brilliant. Love the ending :)
JustABanana Mar 12 @ 9:36am 
This doesn't look like it was made by just one person at all. Good job
Norlando_Eversnow Mar 11 @ 10:21pm 
amazing - almost perfact