[SFM] Chess Game (Saxxy Awards 2017 Extended Entry)

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"I'll type up the wall of text tomorrow. Funny how this is it. A project that started in Janurary 2017 got it's life extended.

For the uninitiated, the Chess Game Reels are accompanied by a wall of text featuring the extended ramblings of me, aka Dummie.

Brought to you by Dummie and Hoovy Tube, with VirgilLJM creating the thumbnail."
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❉ GameMods ❉ Mar 13 @ 2:03pm 
May the force be with you!
HugPug Mar 13 @ 1:37pm 
the action was stiff
Komisch Mar 13 @ 7:31am 
You can do it! BOI is on your side!
Shadow Mar 12 @ 3:29pm 
Very nice concept!
QebQake Mar 12 @ 11:03am 
action reaction
MrCake Mar 12 @ 9:40am 
The concept and music got my vote
JustABanana Mar 12 @ 9:39am 
This made me realize how good a tf2 strategy game would be
toastOS Mar 12 @ 9:04am 
cosmetics are cliping
Pancho Villa Mar 11 @ 10:15pm 
the idea is god damn awesome, but the animation sucks a lot
kjhdocter(Caffeineholic Mar 11 @ 12:11pm 
bomb raming = boom