ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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FrozenEarth V4

This is a work in progress. Expect problems...sometimes major ones.

Persistant level is called:

Mod map ID is:
Will post soon

This is a rebuild of previous map of same name. This is now V4.

There are various issues with this map...should still be okay for basic testing and play.
Expect problems.

Basic dino spawns from island...scorched earth...and Abberation. For testing purposes and numbers and types can be limited.
Most of the lower tier resources should be present. Will be further adding to them as time goes.

This is a work in progress.
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Kaladar Apr 11 @ 6:29am 
thank you :)
rpicardi1 Apr 8 @ 6:52am 
Obsidian can be found in the off colored crystal near the giant building with the giant speaker looking features. Metal and electronics can be harvested from the junk cars found there. Otherwise, resources are not fully in the map so far. This is near the Northwest spawn point by all of the ships in the water.
Kaladar Apr 8 @ 4:04am 
Hi , im a french player and we decide to use your map for our Rp Server.
We really fell in love with your map , its very good job !
I have just one question , I haven't found any iron or obsidian , this is normal or im such a dick xD ?
Granny The Gamer Apr 5 @ 10:49am 
Looks interesting, am working on a map spotlight video series, will add this map to my list of maps to preview!
ToothedJaw Apr 3 @ 7:03am 
Haven't played this yet but I've seen others play this on youtube. Looks REALLY good! Ark is cool for a survival and progression game but this map is taking me to fallout. I can imagine taking a laser rifle to a few direwolves and looting the buildings for guns and ammo. I need to get this map. Looks so good!
TriBurst1  [author] Apr 2 @ 6:30pm 
Right now i am working on finishing the overland areas except for small details. getting trees in..other harvestables that sort of thing.

Then i will finish up the underground portions...

lastly i will fix the zone issues such as the postprocessing...physics...and structure preventions... Considering that it is these different zone volumes that cause my map to break more often than not...i think it might be best to save these for last...
TriBurst1  [author] Apr 2 @ 6:22pm 
As for that fake water...i plan to make a force field keeping the water out of those areas...course i have to add a obvious visual effect to warn you of these areas. Of course there are a few lakes that don't yet have post processing volume or phyics volumes. I have broken the map on more than one occasion and have had to rebuild from back ups. Often times rebuilding messes up the they phyics volumes...postprocessing...or even structure prevention volumes.
TriBurst1  [author] Apr 2 @ 6:17pm 
the mass turkeys and dodo is a problem that im aware of...keep noting that in my own walkthroughs....look for the spawner while in the editor and keep missing it. I think i have the spawn number multipler messed up. There are several instances of in the northern ocean too.

aware of glitching in certain areas too...going into building can be problematic...cause the buildings are counted as ground for "crafted buildings" and such...will need to add volumes to keep you from being ported up. Sort of like if you are under the world and ports you up.
[OCG]Succy Apr 2 @ 8:03am 
I have tested your mod out its so amazing, it looks amazing and I could really tell you have a vision and a passion for that vision :) well done! there are a couple parts though on the map that have glitches where you get stuck and fall continuously, some of the water in bunkers is fake water and if you jump in for a swim you fall to your death. also dont understand the mass turkey and dodos near the base of the hive haha so funny. but all in all 9/10 love it thank you.
zedxrgal Mar 29 @ 4:16pm 
*foams at the mouth for map*