ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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FrozenEarth V4

This is a work in progress. Expect problems...sometimes major ones.

Persistant level is called:

Mod map ID is:
Will post soon

This is a rebuild of previous map of same name. This is now V4.

There are various issues with this map...should still be okay for basic testing and play.
Expect problems.

Basic dino spawns from island...scorched earth...and Abberation. For testing purposes and numbers and types can be limited.

Dino spawns are still in testing phase!!! Working on fixing overspawn issues. Think i've made some progress.
Basic biome volumes are in place ( tempature changes)...will need to tweek or rework but should be okay for basic play.

Resources are in test phase. All engrams from all current expansions are available.
Most of the resources should be present. Will add them in if missing.
Loot chests are very basic right now...will be modifing them heavily. Loot chest with mid tier weapons (pistols, rifles) will be readily avialable. in certain areas.

This is a work in progress.
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TriBurst1  [author] Aug 10 @ 4:28pm 
To (OCG)Succy...maybe about 75 percent. most of the overland areas are in place. need to do tuning of dinos and finish details underground and rest of world. Unfortunately i'm very slow at getting anything finished since i have a habit of going off and testing little things that often don't work and slow actual progress on important stuff.
[OCG]Succy Aug 10 @ 5:49am 
how far allong is this one % wise?
rpicardi1 Aug 8 @ 12:54pm 
If the delays caused by the daily updates are a problem, just unsubscribe. Then subscrive when you want to check out what has been added to the map.

Cryatal is now on the map near the obsidian deposits.
GoOutside Aug 8 @ 7:17am 
how can i stop downloads im wanting to play with a friend but i cant download this right now but it does look amazing
TriBurst1  [author] Jul 31 @ 3:33pm 
Well....just tested that north area...went to the resorce that i thought was crystal...its drops obsidian...

Will fix tonite
TriBurst1  [author] Jul 31 @ 3:25pm 
to rpicardi1...there should be crystal in north area. there is some on top of the outcrops close to the ocean area. Not a lot...but a few... East of the bug spire...the big yellow one there is a snowy area after the hole ( currently called Vent) if keep going east of the "Vent" should be a large field of crystal.
rpicardi1 Jul 30 @ 6:29pm 
Did a game wipe to start new. I'm seeing a lot of improvements in details in the northern area. That giant skyscraper is getting a lot of details put on and in it. Still no crystal, just obsidian and other resources. It is now bitterly cold at night so one had better have shelter and a couple of fires going to keep from freezing to death.
GreatName Jul 30 @ 5:56pm 
Ouch... Sorry to hear about your dental issues. I've been there... it sucks. Modding can be very enjoyable, yet painstaking at times. Make sure you don't burn yourself out.
TriBurst1  [author] Jul 24 @ 10:16pm 
To GreatName. Been a while since i've done any work on it...but i will get back to it soon. Been dealing with some dental issues and haven't felt like actively working on it.

To TheWildcard...watched the video about a week or so ago. thank you for the support and getting my map out there.
GreatName Jul 22 @ 8:17pm 
This map looks fantastic and is on my list to play. I hope you are still actively working on the map. I often host servers for my Ark friends and would love to host this map!