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Moisture Farming
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Moisture Farming

Ever want to set up a hydroponics lab inside a town but were dissapointed you couldn't get water from the town well without micromanaging every click? Or perhaps you just want a way to get water in your desert base?

Introducing the Moisture Collector! Gather water passively from the air. Buildable indoors and outdoors.

Requires Tech level 3 and 1 ancient science book
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Animecore Jul 5 @ 3:04pm 
Revlon has nothing on this moisturizer. My skin feels so moist and fresh now especially in the desert where it is so arid and dry. The only gripe I have about this mod is that my Skeletons don't appreciate this too much as it makes their parts rust ever so slightly over time. I keep my Skeletons away from this to avoid all the water flowing from these moisturizers. A few of the Skeletons started complaining about addditional rust appearing on thier face forming fine lines and wrinkles, but every other race in my squad is claiming they look 30 years younger. Oh and yeah it helps the watering of c rops in the city. I can't forget to mention that. :steamhappy:
UltraDelux Jun 10 @ 8:44pm 
I thought I would be clever and throw in a starwars moisture farming reference... its FINE. of course i wasnt the only person to think of that
Charlie May 9 @ 3:42pm 
Is it that big indoors as well? o.O
Nox May 5 @ 5:18pm 
I just saw this, great idea.

Condensating water collection is a real thing.The wind turbine pumps hot air into an earth cooled coil. The compressed hot air being cooled causes water to preciptitate out into an underground tank.

The same wind energy that pumps the air into the tank also provides pump pressure from the underground reservoir if you should want to pump it into elevated storage for water pressure (not trivial), or just to pump into surface containers.

Bigger units can have electrical parts to drive much higher volumes of water vaporation and the biggest units can both be driven electrically and also generate power with their built in AC motors.

I need to check this mod out more but that would be something I'd suggest.

Tier 1 - wind or mechanical (manual)
Tier 2 - wind or electrical or mechanical - needs only 4-5 mph winds
Tier 3 - wind or electrical and can generate small amounts of power in wind

ุsewerslut Apr 29 @ 4:14pm 
now i can complete my dream of becoming uncle owen and getting killed by tusken raiders
major lag Mar 19 @ 9:33am 
very useful !
Mista Mar 16 @ 3:04pm 
Great idea, great mod.
themasterdebater7 Mar 10 @ 11:24pm 
@Shuut Madikov thank you for the reply, appreciate the help
This is current IRL tech and I love this mod! IRL "Genny" does small-scale: 15-30 litres or 500-1000 fl.oz. per day. The slightly larger Gen500, which is targeted at schools and hospitals, does significantly more (about 450litres or 15000fl.oz.); perfect for a Kenshi starter base.
Proof -
Trinimac  [author] Mar 10 @ 4:38pm 
@themasterdebater7 It also requires that you have wells 3 researched. You could also try putting the mod at the bottom of the load order list.