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The Belt (v2.1 Niven) - Last Update by Hit Monkey
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The Belt (v2.1 Niven) - Last Update by Hit Monkey

Update for The Belt mod to Stellaris version 2.1 (Niven)


Ladies and Gents, I appreciate that you all enjoy the mod, but I'm throwing in the towel once 2.2 comes out. I said from the start that I updated this mod on a whim, and am not an actual Code Wizard. If someone wants to pick up the Hot Potato, feel free.

Thank you all for subscribing. I never thought I'd get as far as EIGHTEEN THOUSAND SUBSCRIBERS, let alone more than one.

I bid good luck to whoever picks up the Hot Potato. It's been fun.


Add a classical sci-fi idea, that also makes sense from a sci-fi economical point of view: the mining of asteroids and all its related themes.

Features Provided by Previous Authors
- Adds the possibility to colonize asteroids (but no way to raise their habitability, it stays at 0%).
- Adds a new life support system building restricted to the asteroids that add habitability (80%).
- Adds a new asteroid type: non-colonisable 'Small Asteroids' - this was the only way to reduce the spam of habitable asteroids in galaxy generation. (let me know if this works well or not)
- Adds a range for asteroid size (between 7 and 15).
- Increased Ceres size in the pre-scripted solar system to 7.
- Adds 'Eros' to Sol System
- Added a planet bonus specific to asteroids (+25% mine tile yield, -30% building cost, -5% spaceships building cost, -25% ship building time)
- Add three new Solar System initializers; one allows the player to start in a version of Sol where Earth has become a tomb world, while Mars has been terraformed into a continental world. Second allows for a start in which Mars and Luna will start as continental worlds, but the player still starts on Earth as normal. The third is an updated version of the Deneb system to bring it more in line with the changes made to the standard version of Sol.
- Adds a species trait which grants +45% asteroid habitability at game start (costs 1 point and 1 pick)
- Asteroids now fall under the habitats tab in the outliner, should lead to less overwhelming planet lists
- Adds a fully functioning environment portrait to asteroids.
- Adds Low-G labs for a 10% research buff, negating the planetary colonization malus to research rate.
- Any asteroid colony that does not have Life-Support Systems (or that has either habitability below 60% and/or Happiness below 50%) will be prone to the 'Effects of Low-G on inhabitants' events, which will create a new sub-species with the asteroid habitability preference along with new traits to reflect their evolution in a Low-G environment. To avoid biological divergance and the possible need to purge ensure all asteroids have good quality life-support!

New Events
- Growth of independent asteroid mining that can improve mining yield in asteroid colonies.
- Possibility to focus on searching for certain types of asteroids, carbonaceous ones can be useful for further colonization effort, while metallic ones are more attractive for the industry.
- Asteroid trajectory accident: accident can happen when you handle ten kilometers sized rocks, and it can have dire consequences.
- Possibility to create an orbit guard to monitor asteroids and prevent world ending scenarios.
- Possible death of the population if the life support building is damaged.


''The Real Space Belt v2.1 - For compatibility with Real Space 3.0''

Planetary Diversity Patch

Mod Translation


Hit-Monkey's note:

HOLY CRAP, updating this mod to 2.0 (Cherryh) was a hell of a learning exercise. As you can see, I'm not the original author, nor one of the others that updated it to Banks and Adams. I'm not even an actual code-Wizard either, more like a Code-Rogue with Use Magic Item skill.

I would LOVE to add new features, but that's way out of my skill level at this time, so I promise nothing of the sort, even if you suggest them. I SHALL, however, make at least some effort to maintain this as long as I can, and maybe balance them to some extent. If I happen to forget after an expansion or two, I half-expect this hot potato to be picked up by someone else.

Previous Mod version were written by their respective authors, who seem to have either forgotten or abandoned their projects. If one of those guys feels like contacting me if they feel like I'm stepping on toes, I'm happy to talk it out.

This Upload was posted without permission, largely just here to give ya'll Asteroid Junkies something to look foreward to.

Original mod for 1.2 (Atreides)

Belt Updated for 1.4 (Jotaro Kujo and von Stroheim)

The Belt Updated for 1.6.1 (xl Zema lx)

Change Log:

3-5-2018: Compatibility update. Removed the Starting System Initializers made in earlier mod due to conflicting code. Will return that once debugging of it is done.


Q: Is there a translation into X language?
A: NOPE. I only know English.

Q: Is there a compatibility patch for X mod?
A: Not likely, I just rebuilt this into a functioning mod, any patches for compatibility with other mods will need building from scratch, and I'm only going to do so many before my already LIMITED code-monkeying gets stretched to the limit. I'll see what I can do, but NO PROMISES.

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Zyntax Dec 11 @ 10:31am 
My experience so far is that with 2.2 the game creates the asteroid belts but there seems to be something that not 100% correct with the events. So far i had problems with the asteroid.11 event that keeps firing. I guess most of those events are just for flavor?
BorisTheAnimal Dec 10 @ 8:27am 
welp, i really loved this mod but respect yourdecision to not update it, godspeed to you @Hit-Monkey!
Hit-Monkey  [author] Dec 7 @ 9:10pm 
Kami Dec 7 @ 9:36am 
Any chance of an update for 2.2? Given what you say here about your experience I imagine not, which is too bad, but I thought I'd ask.
Antony of Mystria Dec 3 @ 8:55pm 
Alright, thanks man, I do love the mod though, I didn't get the new DLC. It's pretty interesting. (I do hope that this isn't the mod causing random crashes... >_>)
Hit-Monkey  [author] Dec 3 @ 8:53pm 
Sorry, I really don't know. I appreciate that you still are using this, but keep in mind that I'm not a code or modding guy, this was an experiment that was fun but I'm not capable of maintaining.
Antony of Mystria Dec 3 @ 7:10pm 
Hmmm... so I think I'm using a mod that conflicts with yours, I do have Planetary Diversity, and then I also have EAC, and CGM: Buildings... any ideas? Sorry, the others seem to be working, the only thing not working is the Life Support building.
Hit-Monkey  [author] Nov 10 @ 8:16am 
I assume so.
ICWienerus Nov 9 @ 1:13pm 
No, i mean for example in journal there are 708 planets to control for victory, asteroids included or not?
Hit-Monkey  [author] Nov 9 @ 10:16am 
If they're colonized, then technically yes they're another planet calculated, I guess.