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Half-blocks with stone texture
By >Str@nge ♥
How to make half blocks with woodbeams.
What you need
First you need woodbeams in the color you like.
I choose a woodbeam in white.
Console command: item woodbeam 64 143
console command: id 143 - while holding woodbeam in hand
Quickest way

Open the console and write

size 1 1 0.50

You receive a half-block = 0,25 m x 0,5 m

How it works without size command
Write in the console "setl 25"

Then use "shift and arrowkey right" until the woodbeam is as big as a block.
(I'm using the grid "G and 2 x - (minus).

Extend the wooden beam to the maximum length now.
"Shift and arrow down" and press it 22 times (22 x),
Now you have a half-block 0,25 x 0,5 m.

(You have to extend the wooden beam first, in the other direction it creates another measure)

Easy way to work with your half-blocks is with "Enter" /and/or the grid.

Left side are normal blocks, right side the woodbeams. You can see no difference