Portal 2

Portal 2

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Aquarium: The Collection
A series of maps with exhibits behind glass, in roughly ascending order of difficulty. Good luck, and have fun. :)
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Aquarium Pt. 1: Field Trip
Created by 7GE4
Part 1 of the Aquarium series. You're off on an excursion, through weird exhibits behind glass. Here's a trivial map to get you started. :)

Difficulty: Easy (1/5). This is just silly relaxing fun, as opposed to challenging....
Aquarium Pt. 2: Waterworld
Created by 7GE4
Part 2 of the Aquarium series. It's a scenic view, over an open tank of acid. Try not to fall in. :)

Difficulty: Fair (2/5). This is an observation-based map that doesn't require much skill to complete....
Aquarium Pt. 3: Salacia
Created by 7GE4
Part 3 of the Aquarium series. There are four rooms - solve them in whichever order you see fit. :)

Difficulty: Medium (3/5). Clearing this map requires a fair amount of observation and logic.

Valid solutions: 2 (Solution 2 involves igniting...
Aquarium Pt. 4: Constellation (Experimental)
Created by 7GE4
Part 4 of the Aquarium series. This time, you're the main attraction, for the turrets. Good luck, and have fun. :)

Difficulty: Very hard (4.5/5). This is a logic tracing map; solving it without dying will require significant thought and analysis.