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Better Infestations 1.0
Mod, 1.0
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Mar 3, 2018 @ 2:48pm
May 16 @ 4:54pm
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Better Infestations 1.0

This mod changes almost everything about infestations, the way they produce and insect behavior.

  • The mod has been completely overhauled, less harmony reliance
  • Added insect Queens that produce eggs and manages the hive
  • Hive ecosystems. Eggs require insect jelly to breed new insects, bugs gather resources to convert to jelly
  • More insect factions! Watch them fight eachother for map control
  • Smarter insect AI. They hunt, they gather, they harvest, they will even breach your walls to get to your food
  • New infestation incident. If you let their population get out of control they will tunnel to your food stocks
  • All settings now changeable in the mod settings menu, control how difficult you want them to be
  • English language translation file included, if you create one for a different language let me know so I can upload it

    Thanks for being patient, I know some of you waited awhile for this update to get done. Have fun!

This mod isn't compatible with other mods that change the insects. If you use Animal Variety Coats, make sure this mod is loaded after. They both xpath patch the insects.

If adding this mod into a current save, you must get the mod Faction Discovery to load the new insect factions that come with this mod.
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May 22 @ 12:35am
Please post error logs / bug reporting here
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Wraith_dino May 21 @ 5:29pm 
though i hasve noticed the legs tend to get blown off fairly easily in CE (now that i think about it my melee pawn only ever reallly took off legs) so my be a little wonky with the armor values around there but theyre practicly bulletproof in some areas (i was talking CE power armor which is able to turn your bolt actions all into bruises and your sniper rifles into pin pricks) but with enough concentrated firepower the leg armor is just low enough to take actual damage and thus get blown off. I dont know if this is what was intended as i havent tried it non CE But thats what ive noticed(thankfully i had a power armored melee spearwoman with 15 melee skill i needed to train and thus they died fairly quickly as CE buffs the impact of melee skill considerably)
Machine  [author] May 21 @ 4:01pm 
@Wraith_dino thx
@dksyunsik Eggs replace hives in spawning glowpods and pushing heat
I notice my last game queen died of starvation while the scarabs froze, I might need to push the heat up on the eggs to see if that helps
Wraith_dino May 21 @ 1:30pm 
works with CE just he armor values are pretty insane (comparable to power armor for queens) thus quite hard to kill early game
dksyunsik May 21 @ 12:26pm 
Hello it's me again. Does a Queen replace the hive building completely? I haven't seen a hive building since I started using this mod. Hive building used to spawn jelly and glowpods on interval, as well as try to bring the temp up to comfortable level for bugs. It seems like insects in my game die of starvation and hypothermia before they become a threat.
Machine  [author] May 20 @ 8:02pm 
I am not sure if it is or not, haven't tested it
Waterkey May 19 @ 9:24am 
Is Combat Extended, CE, compatible with this mod? OR do u have a plan to make compatible patch?
Wraith_dino May 18 @ 6:01pm 
you can sell the meat for a pretty penny and the jelly can really get you out of a tough situation only problem is you get so much insecty meat it starts becoming hard to store
Krisocka May 18 @ 5:51pm 
Could you please give the insects the standard chitin as leather? Its a bit annoying that I'm not getting anything useful from them.
사울 May 17 @ 12:37pm 
oh~~~! your mod.. needed faction discovery!