Health Dilemma [Saxxy Awards 2017 - Short]

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"A tragic (not really) tale of a soldier who needed to extinguish his flames.

Full Credits:

-Iceyyy (animating, lighting, writing)

Workshop items used: Ultrawide 21:9 Aspect Ratio Overlay:
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Zulu Mar 13 @ 1:56pm 
lol this is gud
rottencat Mar 13 @ 9:17am 
Commando Turtle Mar 12 @ 9:38pm 
I love that he just runs past a fire extingusher
Pandafunkey809 Mar 12 @ 8:50pm 
please don't put clearly entirely comedic stuff in drama. Otherwise, excellent work!
Rootin' Tootin' Mar 11 @ 8:22pm 
The health bar counting down was a nice touch.
kjhdocter(F it Mar 11 @ 11:20am 
nice idea but need more animating
I'd say it ignores a few of the game rules and the animation could have been neater (better than anything I could ever do though) but the idea is pretty neat.
P42DC | #AllAboardAmtrak Mar 10 @ 8:31pm 
If I had a nickel for every time that...
tbenajj Mar 10 @ 7:27pm 
Scunts are the spawn of hell
If you see a Scunt, ignore him and go get a Medic
that spy was a cow Mar 10 @ 5:16pm 
really good comedy entries this year