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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Extreme Forges+

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Add upgraded versions of forges, campfire and industrial grill for end game and/or increased stats servers. All structures can be picked up. This mod can be used on any map.

The Forge Table, unlocked at lvl 10, is used to craft items of this mod. It cost 10 EP, has 300 inventory slots and can be crafted in your inventory with 50 fibers ingots and 30 wood. All other items of this mod will be crafted in this table.

The apprentice forge can be learned at lvl 30 for 25 EP. You can craft it with 1 refining forge, 200 stone, 100 hide, 10 flint, 50 wood and 200 fibers. It will produce metal ingots and gasoline 4 times faster than the refining forge, and has 24 inventory slots and will consume fuel 2 times faster.

The elite forge can be unlocked at lvl 80 for 50 engram points if you have unlocked the industrial forge engram. It can smelt metal, refine gasoline and create charcoal 5 times faster than the industrial forge and have 300 inventory slots. Powered by gasoline (1 gasoline every 10 mins) or electricity. It can be crafted with 1 industrial forge, 4000 metal ingot, 1000 oil, 750 crystal, 1500 cementing paste and 900 polymer.

The ultimate forge is unlocked at lvl 85 for 60 EP, you need to know the elite forge engram. It smelt metal, refine gasoline and burn wood 20 times faster than the industrial forge, have 600 inventory slots and is powered by tek generator or element shard (1 min) or element (1h40). Crafted with 1 elite forge, 8000 metal ingot, 120 element, 2000 oil, 1500 crystal, 3000 cementing paste and 1800 polymer.

The Nuclear Forge is for verry advanced players that need massive amount of ressources. Unlocked at lvl 90 for 60 EP and crafted with the ultimate forge, 16000 metal ingot, 240 element, 4000 oil, 3000 crystal, 6000 cementing paste, 3600 polymer and 10 of any artifact. It will refine ressources 100 times faster than classic industrial forge and have 900 inventory slots, but requires a special fuel: radioactive fuel.

The radioactive fuel is crafted with 3 element, 10 black pearls, 250 metal ingot, 250 polymer and 250 oil. This will produce 10 radioactive fuel per craft, and took 2 mins to craft. Each fuel can power the forge for 30 mins.

The apprentice capfire can be unlocked at lvl 10 for 5 EP. It has 24 inventory slots, cook meat 4 times faster than regular campfire, and consume fuel 2 times faster. It can be crafted with 50 wood, 50 stone, 50 thatch and 25 flint.

The elite grill can be unlocked at lvl 55 for 15 EP. It cost 500 metal ingots, 125 crystal, 100 cementing paste and 75 oil. It has 150 inventory slots, cook meat 5 times faster than regular industrial grill and can be powered by gasoline (10 min) or electricity.

Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestion or if you find a bug.