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Archaeology at Saarthal
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Archaeology at Saarthal

TES-V: Skyrim, Hearthfires DLC:
Archaeology at Saarthal,
by: M7-2018.
Recent excavations at Saarthal have discovered Dwarven Ruins leading into the bedrock above the site. Go there and help excavate it. You will need a Pickaxe (to excavate boulders), Archaeology Basket & Sifting Ore (Spell Tome, Apprentice Level) to sort the artifacts until you make a complete Dwarven Sword, then make the Key to the Lost City of the Dwarves. Fight your way there. Your reward is in the City itself.

M7 2018.

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Jul 6 @ 1:22pm
Bugs, if any...
Skyrim Mod Developer M7
Jul 2 @ 6:14am
Not Downloading To Game
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Skyrim Mod Developer M7  [author] Jul 2 @ 1:04pm 
silver Jul 2 @ 6:12am 
I subscribed to this mod on here but for some reason it won't d/load into my game - where does it go when I click on the button? I am using Mod Organiser and not the default Organiser on Nexus - is there a way to just get the file zipped as I do manually from Nexus?
Skyrim Mod Developer M7  [author] May 26 @ 6:44pm 
you MAKE the key, not find it. Please READ the description FIRST.
Bethus May 26 @ 6:39pm 
I played. But can't find the key. I look in every corps, every chest and not find. Sorry.
Skyrim Mod Developer M7  [author] Mar 13 @ 2:40pm 
Please list any bugs or whatever under "Bugs, if any..." for reporting. thank you.
Skyrim Mod Developer M7  [author] Mar 12 @ 11:31pm 
★ Cynquilla ★ Mar 12 @ 11:29pm 
shit, I don't know how I missed that.. thank you!!
Skyrim Mod Developer M7  [author] Mar 12 @ 11:23pm 
normal pickaxe. there is one provided in the box.
★ Cynquilla ★ Mar 12 @ 11:16pm 
Do I need a regular pickaxe? Because I tried using the Notched Pickaxe found in the Throat of the World, and it doesn't work, unfortunately :(
cubbyzeeman Mar 9 @ 2:18pm 
wow. i thought something like this should have existed in the vanilla game.
after playing that tomb digging quest with that dark elf ryluss. i really enjoyed that quest. it's to bad the game didn't have more excovation quests like that. i hope that'w how this one works. i will have to try it out.