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Left 4 Dead 2

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Facility 13
Game Content: Campaigns, Miscellaneous
Game Modes: Survival
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Mar 10, 2013 @ 6:32pm
May 12, 2013 @ 3:51pm
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Facility 13

NOTE: Make sure your game is PRIVATE (non-joinable). The map WILL crash if someone joins mid-game.

You can play this map as a CAMPAIGN (AKA helicopter escape) or as SURVIVAL (infinite hordes, infinite gas).

The infection has spread beyond the confines of Facility 13. There's nothing that can be done to stop it anymore but you may still be able to escape. Collect gas cans to fuel the weapon creation center and unlock weapons. Build barricades to slow down the hordes. When you're all geared up, collect some more gas to fuel the helicopter and make an escape!
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Random crashing
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ian belladonna dash Jul 8 @ 6:06am 
needs a new version soon i was looking on the l4d2 game thing i have the map but it said new version
║ SNAKE FR ║ Jun 15 @ 2:40am 
that work only in solo for me.
tMz28 May 19 @ 10:54pm 
Best campaing, really needs team work and communication
GE0DZ May 4 @ 5:36pm 
@Nibba, there's a new version of this map that was released a little over a year ago that is still being supported. The author attempts to fix some of the bugs in the original map and changes one or two gameplay mechanics. Look for "Facility 13 2017" without quotations.
LuckySpock Apr 30 @ 9:57pm 
Solo Gold in survival :) Check it out here..
insert dick Apr 24 @ 7:47pm 
this map really needs team woek
Brian Rc TRADEIT.GG Apr 24 @ 6:51pm 
ah ya :v
P@!N Apr 18 @ 8:01am 
bug Mar 28 @ 2:27pm 
fyi steam crash
When a map is run by the game and there is no stringtable_dictionary.dct, it will try to create one INSIDE the specific maps .bsp file that is inside that campaign's .vpk file.

This causes crashes when 2nd or 3rd etc etc players join after you have launched a campaign. 2 players could start a map from lobby and load in just fine, but when the 3rd one joins the server will crash as it tries to write this file in to a non-writable map .bsp.
This is why GoldenEye 4 Dead crashes, Dead On Time 2, and a few others.
Nibba Mar 28 @ 7:42am 
Pretty good, but some issues. AI don't get on the helicopter without being pushed on in campaign mode. AI also shoot the difficulty selectors in the beginning. AI have problems getting gear from the weapon creation center unless you stand there for 20 valuable seconds. I also got stuck once in a barricade, but luckily the game unstuck me after 30 seconds. It's also unfortunate that the tanks seem to stop spawning after 3 on Easy difficulty, but that isn't fixable.

Obviously this isn't getting an update any time soon (last update 12 May 2013), but a few ideas would be: attempting to fix the nav mesh so the AI can enter the helicopter by themselves (easily possible I believe); adding in Witch spawns at random time intervals (should be possible using a director script); and adding a can counter somewhere (more useful to players than the bar filling up above the tank).

I'll give this map a solid :csgoa: