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Hyperlane Generation
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Hyperlane Generation

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where two close systems weren't connected by an hyperlane, forcing your ships to take a big detour to reach their destination? Have you ever found yourself with that perfect chokepoint system if it weren't for that particular hyperlane that messed with your plans of galactic domination? Have you ever found yourself wanting to truly isolate your Inward Perfectionist Empire from those filthy xenos?

Well, fear no more, this mod has got you covered, by adding the ability to create and remove hyperlanes to the galaxy map. Now you can truly shape galactic geography.

  • A new late game technology called Hyperlane Generation, which enables the construction of the new megastructures that are necessary to create or remove hyperlanes. Its requirements and tier are the same as those of Gateway Construction, which means that you need to have both Gateway Activation and Mega-Engineering.
  • Two pairs of new megastrutures: Hyperlane Generators (Emitter and Receptor) and Hyperlane Removers (Emitter and Receptor).
  • Obviously, the ability to create and remove hyperlanes. The overall costs of building the required megastructures are 15,000 minerals, 7,500 energy and 100 influence; with a minimum building time of 7 years.


Once you have researched Hyperlane Generation, you need to build the megastructures. These can only be built within the borders of your Empire and there can only be one of each within them.
  1. Build the Hyperlane Generator (Emitter) Construction Site in one of the systems you want to unite with the hyperlane.
  2. Build the Hyperlane Generator (Receptor) Construction Site in the other system you want to unite with the hyperlane. At the same time, you can also upgrade the Hyperlane Generator (Emitter) Construction Site to Hyperlane Generator (Emitter).
  3. Upgrade the Hyperlane Generator (Receptor) Construction Site to Hyperlane Generator (Receptor).
  4. Upgrade the Hyperlane Generator (Emitter) to Hyperlane Generator (Emitter) - Activation.
  5. Once it's finished, the new hyperlane should appear on the galaxy map. One day later the Emitter and the Receptor will be deleted, allowing you to create another hyperlane.
The procedure is pretty much the same for the Hyperlane Removers.
If a ship is travelling through a hyperlane when this one is removed, it should continue its travel normally without incident.

The AI doesn't know how to use this, so it won't build the megastructures.


This mod doesn't overwrite any files from the original game, so it should be compatible with any mods you have.

Suggested mods

Hyperlane Generation: Isolator by jonjowett - It allows you to remove all the hyperlanes that are connected to the system where you build the megastructure. Check the mod for more information.

  • Paradox Interactive, for making the awesome game that is Stellaris.
  • The Stellaris Wiki[] contributors, for cataloging all the effects, scopes, conditions, etc; that were necessary to make this mod.
  • Other modders, whose work allowed and inspired me to learn how to write my own mods for Stellaris.
  • Cirdain, for providing some of the images used in this description.
  • Me, duh.
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PSA: I have a working alternate version , while we're waiting for Khadgar to update this one.
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Waiting for 2.3.*
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PSA: I have made a version of this mod which works for v2.2.4 (while we're waiting for the author to update).
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Has this been added to Gigastructures and more? I seem to have the megastructures/tech from this mod but I'm not subscribed to it...
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oh man this mod is great, i hope you find the time to update it was a wonderful idea and i enjoy it greatly