Soldier's Unlucky Unboxing [Saxxy Award 2017: Action/Comedy]

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"Soldier takes on the task of beating the spy and unboxing his first Unusual in Team Fortress 2 but sadly fate had other plans for his day and best goes to worst for him.

List of people who helped make this possible:

Eleven - Animation
Silent Sword - Editing
Cupcake - Artist
Yajan - Photoshop
Aiyuni - Co.Editor

Workshop Items key

Unusual Effects

Lenseless Graybanns

Video Idea from Muselk's Video:
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annoyingbacon Mar 15 @ 5:22pm 
Jentsu [ The Pirate King ] Mar 15 @ 3:34am 
i love this video
Good video. I'm sure you can win the awards!
Dark Heavy 85 Mar 13 @ 6:25am 
Sir.Zoom Mar 13 @ 5:27am 
I love this sfm
I want this box:crate:
Huh? Mar 13 @ 4:42am 
Very nice video indeed
Aonix | Mar 13 @ 4:31am 
Very nice sfm and idea. Over time you'll get the motions and speech a lot smoother but it's still very good! :steamhappy:
Great Sfm Wish You Win
Momo Mar 13 @ 4:25am 
Good animation though, i'll be honest if this short animation had any better visual effects, right timing of the character's voice that are made in game, and a bit of a background edit, this would be straight off to the Saxxy Award winner. Great Job animating by the way. :A::Y::Y:
MBAPPEH Mar 13 @ 4:23am 
nice sfm, just need fix the scene change more smoothly, nice idea tho :)