Pandemic [7th Annual Saxxys Entry | Drama/Short] SFM

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"About three months in the making, here is a Saxxy entry, made by some friendly workshop contributors!

Big shout-out to everyone from the TF2 Emporium for helping us with criticisms and ideas!

Workshop Assets Used:
koth_dewm by Invalid Nick -
Posable TF2 Props by MrFunreal -
Multi-Class Cosmetic Pack by Baldurs Tod
Other Assets Used:
The Nightwatch Shotgun by Donhonk

Meet the Team!
Pie_Savvy : Prop Builder
Petachepas : Animation Advisor, Asset Finder
DJB2401 : Lighting, Scenebuilding, Rendering, Director
Sinful Creature : Lighting, Animation, Scenebuilding, Rendering, Director"
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Oh Shi- Im Late
Great Saxxy
Shaw Mar 18 @ 8:54am 
Actually pretty cool and fluid, but I feel like the text cards took up too much of the video

Way better than anything I've seen any other steam friend put together though. Nice!
Weak Mar 13 @ 9:44pm 
real question : Where is Cinemasins?
Knusperfrosch Mar 13 @ 2:32am 
Oh yes, the fake trailer genre, good use of props and Alien Isolation cosmetics.
Really nice effects with lighting in this.
Strybo Mar 12 @ 4:21am 
Grapebox | Mar 12 @ 2:33am 
Really nice 10/10
Droid Mar 11 @ 7:27pm 
dude looks smooth as fuck well done really enjoyed it
DarthVader DePotNoodle Mar 11 @ 6:07pm 
nice work, now make the movie.
DarkerDark Mar 11 @ 3:04pm 
If you can somehow work in the ship's self-destruct alarm systems sound effects, this would be great!