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ENDLESS™ Space 2

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Endless Moons 2.8.9
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Mar 1, 2018 @ 12:22am
Jan 18 @ 2:10am
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Endless Moons 2.8.9

Increases the occurrence and significance of moons, while adding many new moon types and additional exploitation options. Includes rare instances of unique lost Endless Moon Temples and Celestial Orbs that provide significant bonuses when found restored.

New Planet Improvements (Reductions):
Explore Moon
Develop Moon
Restore Temple
Upgrade Temple

New Planet Specializations:
Lunar Research
Lunar Mining

New System Improvements:
Lunar Infrastructure
Lunar Data Network
Lunar Tourism
Lunar Colonies
Moon Exploitation Drones (Vodyani)
Hunter Guilds (Vodyani)
Lunar Sanctuaries (Umbral Choir)
Infiltration Gateway (Umbral Choir)

Celestial Orbs:
12 types of rare and hidden artificial moons created by the endless.

14 unique Endless Temples can be found.

*Spoiler list of Celestial Orbs and Temples can be found in Spoilers.txt in the mod files.

General Notes:
Increased the number of visible anomalies in galaxy generation to accommodate moons.
Increased the number of unique anomalies in galaxy generation to accommodate Endless Temples. (Small size galaxy required to guarantee at least two Endless Temples.)
Moonbase Alpha has been removed.
Lunar Suburbs has been revised to add +2 population slots only on planets with a developed moon.
Vodyani don't explore or develop moons. Instead, they have access to special Vodyani only improvements.
Umbral Choir don't explore or develop moons. Instead, they have access to Umbral Choir only improvements.

Also, many thanks to the dev MonAmiral at G2G forums whose support has been invaluable.

Copyright March 1, 2018 Marco Valentino. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named Tychonoir.
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Aug 13, 2018 @ 12:12am
Remote moon exploration tools (and how to balance this)
El jojo
< >
Skummeh Nov 23 @ 6:00pm 
Really enjoyed the added complexity this brought to the game. Thanks!
Tychonoir  [author] Oct 19 @ 1:33am 
You are correct, this is a bug. I think it's a holdover from an earlier version of that improvement. Nice find. I'll have to correct it in an update.

However, while your fix is the right idea, it's not quite right. Replace that line with these 3 lines:

<Modifier TargetProperty="PlanetRawScience" Operation="Addition" Value="2" Path="./ClassColonizedStarSystem/ClassColonizedPlanet,ExploredMoon" TooltipOverride="%LunarInf_S_Tip" />
<Modifier TargetProperty="PlanetRawScience" Operation="Addition" Value="2" Path="./ClassColonizedStarSystem/ClassColonizedPlanet,ExploredMoon2" TooltipHidden="true" />
<Modifier TargetProperty="PlanetRawScience" Operation="Addition" Value="2" Path="./ClassColonizedStarSystem/ClassColonizedPlanet,ExploredMoon3" TooltipHidden="true" />
thibaulthc Oct 13 @ 7:35am 
I might be wrong because I know abosulutly nothing at modding, but after a few research I think that it's just an error in the Path
Well, I changed it to
and it does know provide the +2 science only on the planets with an explored moon
thibaulthc Oct 13 @ 2:22am 
The "Lunar Infrastrucure" gives +2 Science to every planet on the system, not only the ones with a Lunar Anomaly

I like your mod a lot, but on a general note, imho, the System Improvements are a bit too strong. Should at least cost a bit more resources to build, or increase their upkeep
Twelvestein Jul 21 @ 1:14pm 
well, well, well
russian man. I don't evem know, why people play on russian, xD
I am from Ukrain and know english, russian, etc., but I have never played on this horrible language. Ну, а с переводом удачи, наверное кому-то пригодится))
Vladius_2015 Jul 5 @ 2:30am 
Hello everyone. I'm trying to make a translation into Russian of this beautiful fashion. I translated the entire file, but some looney technologies don't have a description in the game itself. Only a line in the translation file, after which the translation itself goes. If anyone helps, I will be grateful)
Zebrech Jun 26 @ 10:38am 
Hi @Tychonoir, did you checked how the mod is working about the celestial orbs when you don't play with penumbra ?
KiLLbaq May 20 @ 8:58am 
Nice Mod. Thx
Tychonoir  [author] May 18 @ 3:55pm 
Fully upgraded moons are labeled as developed, are still gold - they don't change color. However, you will see a brightness change.

There are a couple that cannot be upgraded, and these say so in the tooltip.

The curiosity expedition level 4 and anti-cloak 2 required to detect celestial orbs does not require ships in orbit with said tech. Once your empire has the tech, they become visible as curiosities. Explore them and they may reveal an orb.
pokerhontas-tim May 17 @ 12:15pm 
I have all dlcs and addons turned on.