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Witcher : All Romance Cards
By Azraeil
It was made so people that want to get the cards can find them easy here.
I use information from different sites to create this guide

Here a link to all the 6 video for romance cards :
The only card that is able to be collected during the “Prologue” is Triss Merrigold.

Triss Merrigold

You begin this encounter after giving her the Potion for Triss, make sure to choose the right dialogue
Chapter I
There are three cards that can be collected during the first chapter.

Vesna Hood

Vesna remains at the inn until after Geralt speaks to her, make sure to buy the wine from her . Then she will leave every evening at 20:00, and can be found in danger as early as about 20:15. You can find her outside the inn if you head north where a group of men wants to rape her. After you save her, you must escort her home. You will have 3 waves of barghests that will attack you, so make sure to keep her safe.
After a successful escort, Geralt can suggest another meeting. Vesna, not wanting to "shock" her grandmother, recommends the old mill and plans to bring food, making wine the witcher's responsibility. You will meet with her after 19:00 in old mill, make sure to have the wine.

Peasant woman

A peasant woman in a yellow and green dress provides a tryst in return for tulips. One other thing making her unique is that she usually comments on Geralt's weapons as he runs by: "Quite the dangerous one...". You can find tulips from a townswoman( she can be found in the town you left Vesna) that will give it to you in exchange of flowers. You can buy flowers from herbalist, he can be found outside the inn.


Near the end of the chapter, while in the cave that leads from the Salamandra hideout. Be sure to get the other Chapter I romance cards before getting to this point, as there will be no way to do so afterwards.

Chapter II
There are five cards that can be collected during the second chapter.


Is another main character that Geralt can have a romantic encounter with. Give a gift to her grandma and he can get past her to be alone with Shani. The Witcher sex card for this character is acquired from the “Old Friend of Mine” quest and ends whit the party. After the party give her a red rose and you will get this card.

The Gossip

The way to get this card is to either give red women's gloves(merchant outside Shani's house) or a diamond to the Gossip. Choose the dialogue whit the " witcher in town", it may take several times to be able to give her the gift.

Half-Elf Woman

In order to get this cards you must enter the the door across from the warehouse in the Temple Quarter's slums at 7:00. In there you will find a thug, speak whit him and tell him you will help.
After you enter the place where the thug at mark on your map, you will see a half-elf woman captive and the group off thugs will attack you. After you save her, she will tell you to come at her house( you can see it on the map) to give you the reward. When you are there make sure to choose the right dialogue in order to get this card.


There are a few ways to get this card. You can pay 250 orens to a prostitute; You can give a silver ring to a prostitute; you can complete the "Working Girls" quest ( you take the quest from Carmen) and refuse reward, then give a flower (not an alchemical ingredient) to a prostitute.


Is a Dryad that is found at Druid’s grove in the swamp. Her card can be collected in this chapter or later in chapter three.
In order to begin this encounter you must first complete the quest that the old woman Vaska, about killing drowners in clay pits. After you finish it, she will give you the quest A Lost Lamb, which will send you to druids grove where after you talk whit the druid, he will tell you to speak whit the dryad.
You must bring her a wolf pet and suggests that sex relieves stress, which is good for the mind and body. She sees the logic in his argument and relents. They have sex.

Chapter III
There are 7 cards that can be collected during this chapter

Triss or Shani, second romance card (mutually exclusive)

You must choose who to tell Dandelion to take Alvin to; the second romance card for the one you don't choose will not be available.


You must offer a gift of a ruby ring or a gold diamond ring, and in speaking with Alvin you must be strict with him at least once.


Shani wants a gift of a silver amber ring. When interacting with Alvin, you should indulge him (e.g., by giving him a sweet when requested).

You can find both gifts from a merchants near the bank.

Princess Adda

During the quest "A Posh Reception," dialogue options will lead to a task for Geralt to obtain some raw meat for her to eat. After obtaining it, she will invite Geralt to her alcove for a cutscene and a romantic encounter.

Blue Eyes

Before you take this card, first speak whit her brother in the inn( where is the party before 18.30). He will give you a quest that will help you obtain other card
Bring the Blue-eyed lass a gold sapphire ring, a sapphire, or 500 orens. She can be found on the ground floor in the House of the Queen of the Night.

Queen of the Night

Get upstairs by bribing the guard with some Fisstech, boxing him, or showing him the House of the Night signet ring( you get the ring from Erkin von Blunt, he can be found in the party and you will obtain after you give him allot to drink).
You begin this encounter after you tell the brother of the blue eyes that you find her sister in the House of the Queen of the Night.( you must sleep whit blue eyes).
Agree to spare the queen's life once, and experience a foursome with three of her sisters


Thee woman in a red dress , found near the jester on John Natalis Square. She wants you to prove your manliness, by offering her an insultingly low fee (0 works).

Rozalind Pankiera

This romance card is available during the quest Dandelion's Lute. You get this quest from Danelion( he is at the inn before the party), make sure to give him something to drink.
When you talk whit the girl choose the option that she dump him and he wanted to marry her, and you will get the card

Town Clerk

The card is collected after visiting the highest floor of City Hall with a diamond in your inventory( you can buy it from the merchant near there). Find the clerk that is a “naughty girl” and obtain the card!

Chapter IV
There are four cards that can be collected


Celina wants Geralt so she can make her sister that is getting married jealous. Give her any ring and you’ll collect this card. Make sure to have a right when you meet her since you may loose your chance on this card, you can find her in at her house at night or the inn in the morning( after you speak whit Alina)

Lady of the Lake

You must speak whit her first and ask about the knight, then speak whit hermit why she doesn't believe in the mission about the Grail. After return and tell her you want to embark on a mission and choose the option to jest which will give you the encounter and the card. You have only one chance so i suggest to save here in case you took the wrong dialog.

The Elf Woman

She can be found in the Elven cave once the “Daily Bread” quest is completed. Give the woman some food such as bread and you will get the card. You get the quest from Toruviel and give her 5 breads not 4 in order to have a chance on the card.


She will ask for a sugar doll,after you give her then you will have your card

Chapter V
There are three mutually-exclusive cards in Chapter V, the one you can get depends on your chosen path.


If you chooses to go on the “Scoia’tael” path, you get this card after the encounter outside the hospital where you save her, then follow her and choose to speak whit her


Card can be collected if you decides to go on the “Order” path, after the encounter outside the hospital, then follow her and choose to speak whit her

The two nurses

Another one of The Witcher sex cards that can be collected in the game if Geralt decided to go on the “Witcher/Neutral path. After you escort Shani to the swamp cemetery you can return to the hospital and speak whit the nun to begin the encounter.

The Price of Neutrality
You can choose to play this mode in the new adventure, there are 2 cards to be gain.

Sabrina Glevissig

You need to bring her 20 beast's livers BEFORE exhausting any other option in her dialogue. After bringing her all the livers, make sure to FIRST speak to her about all other things, always being nice and complementing her. The last talk should regard your trophies, and only then the option "you're an unusual woman" will appear, leading to the intimate scene.

Deirdre Ademeyn

You have to bring her 3 pieces of wyvern meat. ONLY 3 pieces exist in this adventure, so be sure not to consume them. The key to getting her card is speaking to her about wyverns only after all the other dialogue options have been exhausted, and Geralt has been polite and suppportive in each case. Then (and only then) should he present the wyvern meat to her hungry doggies, and she will lead on about batiste panties that princesses usually wear. This is the signal to take them down.
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