ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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SafeBase [R]
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Feb 27 @ 10:07pm
Mar 23 @ 6:50am
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SafeBase [R]

Original mod:

Update note:
1) Required character level - 1
2) Requires placement on structure floors
3) Default opacity - 0.2
4) Pick up structures - false
5) Inventory - disabled
6) Add Forcefield Mini
7) Power up time - 600/1200 sec
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howwedoit2112 Jul 14 @ 6:59pm 
Was wondering if it's possible to add a custom decay timer or such? Added you as a friend so maybe we could talk. Would like to add this to my server.
JuanCarlos Jun 17 @ 7:43pm 
Ideas for Mini only, for making it like a cheap version of the big one:
- Model mesh -50% size, kinda big for its radius.
- Twice power up time than the big one.
- Dont return any resource when demolished.
- Default opacity 1, cant be changed.
JuanCarlos Jun 15 @ 8:14am 
Thank you very much!, I was trying ShieldMini_C and was not working, thanks...
CHECHEN  [author] Jun 15 @ 3:52am 

JuanCarlos Jun 15 @ 12:54am 
How to Disable the Engrams?.

I want to only allow the MINI version and hide the big one, thanks...
Jessica546 Apr 25 @ 2:58pm 
Why? The old one works just fine.
JuanCarlos Mar 14 @ 10:38am 
After Server Restart Radius increase to maximum by itself,
even if not allowed to go maximum (using 0.1 radius multiplier)
JuanCarlos Mar 12 @ 6:44pm 
Its too complicated to allow even Smaller shield radius?,
like 2 foundations, to only just fit 4x4 mini-base (we got NoCollision on props).
JuanCarlos Mar 12 @ 3:53pm 
Thanks very much for the Inventory disabled Update!, its super awesome!. :steamhappy:

I fully replaced the server rules "dont wipe noobs" and tedious monitoring for this with minimal radius.
elsd Mar 6 @ 9:18am 
The mod dosent even work for me :steamsalty: