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Automatic Death Recovery
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Feb 27 @ 12:58pm
Jun 10 @ 9:13am
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Automatic Death Recovery

In 1 collection by Temil2006
Ark Sanctuary Server
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This mod is a separation of one of my previous mods that had a bunch of different features all mashed together and due to multiple requests, I'm seperating them.

Some people ask why I created this mod when there are some other death helper type mods out there. I couldn't find one that I really liked and at time of creating this, none of them offered automatic requipting previously equipted items.

  • Automaticly recovers all items when respawning after death.
  • Automaticly requipt all gear you had previous equipted
  • Automaticly removes all bodies left behind after respawning to keep areas clean of repeate deaths.
  • Auto recover items after using a bed (we all know people were killing themself to use this as a teleport. no longer need to - however, it only recovers the items, doesn't auto-equipt items. limit of using the bed)
  • should work for Auto recovery of items for when you hit the invisable game ceiling that causes your player and items to disapear. (need people to test and confirm this)
  • Works with modded / Custom player pawns that some mods create .
  • clean and stackable.

Considering adding some type of cost when dieing such as a reduction of current XP, respawn debuff for 60secs, or something similar.
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Mod ID ???
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nice mod:cupup:
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this was a thing needed since the dawn of ark
id=1315534671 u can copy the url and paste it and it ll show whats the id
Temil2006  [author] Aug 20 @ 7:07pm 
for now .. all my mods are on hold for the time being from future changes due to alot of life and work changes. I'll hopefully return shortly, but had to prioritize wife, kids, etc. hope you all understand. just so you all realize why the lack of any response or updates.
Kane Aug 19 @ 11:00pm 
How about an option to exclude items, like say resources or fertilized wyvern eggs. Eliminate the kamikazee runners.
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Awesome Mod!!!:steamhappy::2018salienpsychic:
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Gah gave me too much stuff!
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Best mod, thanks