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Automatic Death Recovery
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Feb 27 @ 12:58pm
Apr 9 @ 6:05pm
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Automatic Death Recovery

This mod is a separation of one of my previous mods that had a bunch of different features all mashed together and due to multiple requests, I'm seperating them.

Some people ask why I created this mod when there are some other death helper type mods out there. I couldn't find one that I really liked and at time of creating this, none of them offered automatic requipting previously equipted items.

  • Automaticly recovers all items when respawning after death.
  • Automaticly requipt all gear you had previous equipted
  • Automaticly removes all bodies left behind after respawning to keep areas clean of repeate deaths.
  • Auto recover items after using a bed (we all know people were killing themself to use this as a teleport. no longer need to - however, it only recovers the items, doesn't auto-equipt items. limit of using the bed)
  • should work for Auto recovery of items for when you hit the invisable game ceiling that causes your player and items to disapear. (need people to test and confirm this)
  • Works with modded / Custom player pawns that some mods create .
  • clean and stackable.

Considering adding some type of cost when dieing such as a reduction of current XP, respawn debuff for 60secs, or something similar.
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Abaddon the Unholy Apr 13 @ 2:33pm 
does the barrier work when you are in creative mode?
Abaddon the Unholy Apr 13 @ 2:32pm 
i have a set of tek armor that supercharges the speed of the tek i tested with the punch...didnt work, then i just used the jetpack from the same mod (does not supercharge its ascension speed) on Volcano and i saw the barrier but it did not stop me from going through it and eventually disappeared...items were also gone from this test
Abaddon the Unholy Apr 13 @ 2:28pm 
just tested it...didnt work. at least i got rid of all my items into a chest lol
Abaddon the Unholy Apr 13 @ 12:01pm 
is there a chance that if you approach the barrier too quickly it wont appear in time?
Abaddon the Unholy Apr 13 @ 12:00pm 
i am actually getting on right now...i will test it now
Temil2006  [author] Apr 12 @ 5:51pm 
Abaddon :: have you tried since the newest version to test this? I added in a detection for any left over bags, even if they are off the map. this allows for this mod to work with the bug where players/bags disapear or fall through the land. it also allows for you to use beds as a teleporter. assuming what you are refering to leaves a bad, even if it's outside the zone, it will find it and grab the inventory.the only time I have found that it doesn't create a bag at all is if you use spectator mode.

either way, have you tested this within the last 1-2 days, as i just releaved the update a few days ago.
Abaddon the Unholy Apr 11 @ 7:54pm 
and yes ive tried to contact volcano's dev about this...he ignored me...
Abaddon the Unholy Apr 11 @ 7:53pm 
have you heard of what im talking about Temil? it does not trigger this mod at all so i lose everything and there is no body so i cannot get my stuff back...everyone else ive tried to say this to has ignored me completely so its great to see someone respond. i just hate this as there is supposed to be a field at the top of the map but it doesnt appear for me most of the time (on Volcano at least) so i never know when im near the death point.
Max Apr 2 @ 4:48pm 
I like your ideas for a penalty (with ini settings of course so those that don't want can disable and those that can are able to adjust.).

Since you can't put a cooldown on its usage a debuff would be good, maybe something like 50% reduction of melee, run speed, stamina with configurable timer.

Also the xp reduction if possible, could be a percentage loss of current amount, then we can set it to what we want, the percentage amount being configurable.
XHead Apr 2 @ 6:53am 
In my opinion, the mod is perfect as it is. I was using another mod, but this feature to auto remove your dead body, omg. Congratulations for this excelent work.