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PVE Offline Player Protection
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Feb 27 @ 12:57pm
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PVE Offline Player Protection

  • simply protects any offline player from recieving any damage while they are offline.
  • Detects when player goes offline, and triggers protections for them at that time.
  • When logging in, player is protected for 3secs after login, then protection is removed. This is to allow for game to finish loading graphics and to acount for the waking animation to finish.
  • To combat other mods that might also change the damage-ability of players, checks every 60secs to make sure all offline players are still protected from damage.
  • NOTE :: this is not meant to be a PVP protection mod, but more of a PVE version to remove the fear of losing all your items while you are offline just because a friend, family member, etc may acidently pull something back to your base and get you killed. Please don't ask me to change it to be PVP friendly. there are other mods for that.
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Jun 10 @ 4:38pm
Servers Using This Mod
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Gabriel [BF-S] GER Aug 8 @ 1:01pm 
@ Temi2006

What does the mod do?

Does this mod create a PVE zone?

once the player is off?

or permanently?

Is the "bubble" invisible?

can you make them invisible as Admin?

can you hide the Engram, as an admin?

can you set it so that the "PVE Pillar" can only be placed once, per tribe or player?

Is this similar to mod ""?

(sorry Google translator)
Max Jul 23 @ 9:55pm 

Would you consider:
1. Giving us the ability to set the protection time via ini file as some people / server configs take longer to load in than 3 seconds, we could then tune it for what works for us.
2. Also providing drown protection, can't tell you how many times I have died / drowned from getting DC'd while over water. Would help immensely.
ZombieSlayer Mar 7 @ 8:05am 
if some one love's this mod and want to join here is the info ( srry for posting it here cuz i dont see a topic for servers who are using this mod!

Dutch ark Builders | PVE +mods

MAP: Ragnarok


Server stats!
Harvest x6
Xp x7
Tamning X10

Mod List

Steam Group
Will come later!
Max Feb 28 @ 9:18am 
Nice, will help prevent some of my accidental deaths due to DC'ing, an unfortunate side affect of living at the bottom of the world with high ping rates to anywhere.