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Depth Gauge Watch
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Feb 26 @ 7:40am
Mar 25 @ 3:01pm
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Depth Gauge Watch

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This addon gives the player an analog wrist depth gauge. This is part of the Underwater Diving Series.


  • Fully Analog - VERY RELIABLE
  • Simple easy to read depth gauge
  • Depth in MSL
  • Maximum Depth in MSL - reset by hitting the reset button
  • Night Glow for better visibility in the dark depths of the ocean
  • Authentic functionality - works just like the real thing!
  • Simulated mineral crystal glass face (sparkles in the dark)
  • Watch face loses red and green color as depth increases matching the color of the water - very immersive
  • Customizable keys
  • NEW: Watch face matches day/night visibility

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  2. Define the following keys in your game settings:
    Configure > Controls > Configure Addons > Depth Gauge
  3. While playing, turn on the watch. Use the "Reset Max Depth" key to reset the maximum depth indicator.


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Yuudachi-Poi Apr 22 @ 4:48pm 
Sorry, im just used to it being downloaded automatically :P
Feint  [author] Apr 22 @ 12:38pm 
The Bikey is always in the description for my mods and addons. Scroll up.
Yuudachi-Poi Apr 21 @ 6:12pm 
Please add ".bikey" file to your mod, unless steam decides not to download it sadly i cant add it to our server :/
RickOShay Mar 31 @ 2:52am 
Nice work!
Feint  [author] Mar 25 @ 3:48pm 
LOL. Glad it is working. It was literally moving two lines in the config. Spent like 10+ hours on it. hahaha. But I found a few other things to improve, so there you have it.
LMBTheRedneck Mar 25 @ 3:40pm 
It appears to be working perfectly now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Always a big fan of your mods! Time to go diving after those pesky Ruskies once again.
Feint  [author] Mar 25 @ 2:55pm 
OK, I fixed it. I renamed the PBO when I started by accident so for the last like 10 hours, I've been testing changes and not seeing any results, because there were two PBOs competing for Arma's attention. LOL. Ugh! So it works now. It was a relatively simple fix, I think, so I'm going to apply this to my sailing mod which had the same problem.

Let me know if you still have a problem with it. But it's working for me now.
LMBTheRedneck Mar 25 @ 11:21am 
I will thanks.
Feint  [author] Mar 25 @ 9:54am 
OK, I took a look and have been doing some testing for hours. Honestly, I can't figure it out. Nothing in my addon should be interfering with ACE and TFAR. Of course, they have their own hyper-complex way of doing things, so there's obviously something that I'm missing. I'll keep investigating. But if you reach out to them, please let me know if they have any insight into the problem.
Feint  [author] Mar 24 @ 4:30pm 
OK, thanks for letting me know. I'll investigate. I don't use ACE and TFAR, but I'll download and peek at their configs. We are probably using the same IDDs for our displays.