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Territory Conquest
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Feb 25 @ 10:45am
Mar 23 @ 3:26pm
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Territory Conquest

Conquer objectives over whole map and fight for control over territory to gain reinforcements resources (tickets).Team, which will get ahead of enemy for 200 tickets, will win.
Core features:
1.Big number of fast cappable objectives (10 seconds to full cap from neutral) will shift the focus to controlling the area, and not the single flag
2. Control over map is crucial. Possession of each 5% of flags gains your team 1 ticket per minute.
3. 60 minute round timer.

Playable layers:
Al Basrah TCD v1 (Insurgents vs Militia)
Kokan Valley TCD v1 (RU vs US)
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Jones007 Jun 17 @ 4:45am 
Havent played this but really think it would make better game play than insurgency.
Trist Apr 1 @ 2:04am 
To the dude who said one person should be able to cap the objectives. No. This game isn't a solo game and squadwork will always be whats intended for it. Not griefing the other team by capturing points that aren't being contested.
Celtic Blood Mar 31 @ 4:24pm 
this is great
Zylfrax791 Mar 25 @ 9:20am 
Played for a few minutes and the flags should be capturable by one player, especially on maps this large.
kydaper Mar 2 @ 10:42pm 
He said in the description it's to shift the focus to controlling the area, not just the points, and that cap times are much quicker to compensate
Chimpson Feb 28 @ 11:54pm 
looks real cool but why so many objectives?
Clubby McWankfist Feb 28 @ 6:47pm 
Would love to see Squad Ops or TG run this!
Jason Bosch Feb 28 @ 7:11am 
any server running this?
II-[6thLA(B)] Rct Korosif Feb 26 @ 7:50am 
?!? Wut wut WUT ?! Big ! Sand ! Taliban ! I luv it ! <3
Deadbeat_Dad Feb 25 @ 9:43pm 
ive been wanting this for a long time