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Completing the Dream Diary [ALL CONCEPT ART COLLECTIBLES]
By Orion-the-Absol
Having trouble finding all of the Concept Art? Working towards the Lucid Dreams achievement? Then this guide is for you!
As of Version 2.0, those who had 100% completion in the original game will now show these new statistics for their save files:
  • Effects: 71%
  • Collectibles: 93%
  • Dreams: 85%

There are now four new Concept Art collectibles and two sketch pages.
This guide will help you find all of the Concept Art, one of the collectible types of Yumenikki -Dream Diary-. Completing your Dream Diary is one of the requirements to get a 100% completion and the Lucid Dreams achievement.

Every Concept Art has a detailed walkthrough with direct images of the locations. Naturally, this means this guide will be FULL OF SPOILERS. You have been warned.

For the purpose of recognition, I will refer to most NPCs by their fan-given names on the Yume Nikki wikia[yumenikki.wikia.com].There is a total of 44 pages 50 pages in the Dream Diary. If you have less than that number, you're likely missing more Concept Art. A few of the pages will contain sketches. Fortunately, sketch pages will fill themselves up as you explore each world, encounter more NPCs and witness more events, so you don't have to worry about them too much.

Please feel free to make suggestions to this guide. If something isn't clear enough, please speak up.

For the locations of the Jellyfish, check this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1311110216

For the locations of the quest items, check this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1314541560
Pages 1 & 2
Page 1

Description: "Yume Nikki" in Japanese hiragana
Location: obtained by default

Page 2

Description: Sketch of blood puddle
Location: obtained by default
Pages 3 & 4
Page 3

Description: Poniko & Uboa sketches
Location: explore the Pier, Dark Forest and Pink Sea.

Page 4

Description: Pier/Forest sketches
Location: same as above.
Pages 5 & 6
Page 5

Description: The Fisherman
Location: Pier. Go to the screen with the Strober NPC, where you obtained the Wood Plank and the Hamsa effect. Use the Hamsa effect here.

Page 6

Description: Strober
Location: Pier. Give Strober the Sad Fish item. As he leaves, he will drop this collectible on the ground.
Pages 7 & 8
Page 7

Description: Three Toriningen
Location: Wilderness (same area as glyphs puzzle). Check the west side of the map for a picnic setup. The collectible is hiding behind a plant.

Page 8

Description: Nopperabou Witches
Location: Pier. Complete the lighthouse section and enter the dark forest. The collectible will be hiding behind a tree in the foreground.
Pages 9 & 10
Page 9

Description: Poniko
Location: Pink Sea (past the Pier and Dark Forest). At the first balloon you come across, move south to find a partially submerged island. There will be a white sparkle underwater.

Page 10

Description: Uboa
Location: Final Area, first floor. Enter the room to the far right of the hallway (past the elevator). Search inside the open cardboard box.
Pages 11 & 12
Page 11

Description: Sky Garden sketches
Location: Complete the glyphs puzzle at the Wilderness and explore the Sky Garden.

Page 12

Description: Wilderness sketches
Location: Explore both Wilderness areas and the train.
Pages 13 & 14
Page 13

Description: Pirori
Location: Barracks Settlement. Check the west side of town behind some boxes.

Page 14

Description: Train Passenger
Location: Use the Train at the Pier. There will be a white sparkle on one of the seats.
Pages 15 & 16
Page 15

Description: Organoid
Location: Sky Garden. Complete the glyphs puzzle at the Wilderness and enter the garden. The collectible will be hiding below one of the benches.

Page 16

Description: Maussan Bros
Location: Sky Garden. Find the Maussan Bros at the end and use the Hamsa effect.
Pages 17 & 18
Page 17

Description: Multiple sketches including Monoko, Onsen-san, Shitai-san, Henkei Shita and the Knife effect.
Location: Start from the Alley and complete the following sections until you encounter Shitai-san. Complete the Alley a second time to play through the Monoko event.

Page 18

Description: Multiple sketches of Jellyfish, Eyeballs, Pissipissini, Alley Demon, and the Shadow Man.
Location: same as above.
Pages 19 & 20
Page 19

Description: Alley Demons
Location: Alley. Complete the Shadow Man chase sequence. Wake up and return to the same area where the Shadow Man first spawned. To the left of the map, there should be a white sparkle.

Page 20

Description: Pissipissini
Location: Alley. Find the shrine with the bicycle and interact with it.
Pages 21 & 22
Page 21

Description: Medamaude
Location: Alley. During the Eyeball avalanche sequence, watch for a white sparkle on the ground.

Page 22

Description: Henkei Shita
Location: Cold Storage (past the Alley). In the initial room, use the Hamsa Effect.
Pages 23 & 24
Page 23

Description: Onsen-san
Location: Bedroom. After completing the Alley sections the first time, try completing it again. Instead of a road at the end, you will find a bedroom in its place. Play hide-and-seek with Monoko until she transforms into a hideous state. Lure her to the north side of the bedroom and check one of the beds.

Page 24

Description: Floyag
Location: Ruined School. Check the third floor for a white sparkle.
Pages 25 & 26
Page 25

Description: Shitai-san
Location: Final Area, first floor. Enter the first unlocked door in the hallway (left of elevator). Check under the lone bed.

Page 26

Description: Madotsuki wielding a knife
Location: Barracks Settlement. Lure the Mouth Monster into the cage. When the Pirori come out of their houses, go to the left side of town and kill one of the green Pirori with the Knife effect. He will drop the collectible.
Pages 27 & 28
Page 27

Description: Monoko
Location: Bedroom. From the entrance, move up two rows of beds and move right. There will be a white sparkle under one of the beds.

Page 28

Description: Monoko (transformed)
Location: Bedroom. Play hide-and-seek with Monoko until she transforms. Lure her into the first bed that will float high enough for you to bypass. There will be a three-way fork. Take the middle path, which should take you to a dead end. Search one of the beds here.
Pages 29 & 30
Page 29

Description: Sewer/Block World sketches (available as of version 2.0)
Location: Complete the Sewer and Block World areas.

Page 30

Description: Block World/Snow World sketches (available as of version 2.0)
Location: Complete the Block World and Snow World areas.
Pages 31 & 32
Page 31

Description: Mafurako (available as of version 2.0)
Location: Block World. Wait next to the exit door for a fast-moving platform that circles the whole world. Jump onto this platform and wait until it takes you to a hidden area.

Page 32

Description: The Black Cat (available as of version 2.0)
Location: Sewer. This one is a bit of a tricky find. Go to the southern section of the Sewer, where you will find a large pool next to a faceless ghost (Nopperabou Ghost) nearby. Search near the center of this pool. You won't see a white sparkle here.
Pages 33 & 34
Page 33

Description: Mouth Monster (available as of version 2.0)
Location: Wilderness. To access this Concept Art, you need the Hamsa, Scarf and Hat, and Umbrella Effects. Close to the picnic area, use the Hamsa to open a new area. This will lead you to a looping maze (anyone remember The Legend of Zelda for NES?) In the maze, move down, left, down, right. This will take you to a pond with murky water and a lone island. The Umbrella's double-jump is ineffective here. You need to equip the Scarf and Hat, then use the Umbrella's rain ability (which will now be a snow ability). The water will freeze over, giving you access to this Concept Art.

Page 34

Description: Snowman Madotsuki (available as of version 2.0)
Location: Snow World. My apologies in advance, but I don't have specific directions on where to find it. This one is a tough find since the Snow World is massive and loops infinitely (sort of like the original Yume Nikki, am I right?) My best advice is to always face north and check forward for a dead end with a bed. The Concept Art will be sitting on top of the bed.
Pages 35 & 36
Page 35

Description: Mall sketches
Location: Complete the mall and mannequin hallway areas.

Page 36

Description: More mall sketches
Location: Same as above.
Pages 37 & 38
Page 37

Description: e-Man and o-Man
Location: Mall. Talk to the o-Man to get the Flute effect. Then, speak to the e-Man, who will play a tune for you. Play the same tune with the Flute and he will react (you may also hear what sounds like a shutter door opening). Speak to him again and he will give you the collectible. This interaction is a bit glitchy, so it might take a few tries.

Version 2.0 changed the method slightly. Talk to the o-Man to get the Flute effect. Talk to him a second time to get the Concept Art.

Page 38

Description: Tokuto-kun
Location: Mall. On the third floor with the escalators, go to the left side of the map. Check behind the planter.
Pages 39 & 40
Page 39

Description: Madotsuki with eyes open
Location: Mall. Enter the room that leads to the rooftop. Before you enter the elevator, use the Hamsa effect.

Page 40

Description: Female Mannequin
Location: Mall. Complete the mannequin hallway areas until you find a room full of cardboard boxes. Somewhere to the left of the room, there will be a collectible hiding amongst the boxes.
Pages 41 & 42
Page 41

Description: School sketches
Location: Complete the school areas.

Page 42

Description: More school sketches
Location: Same as above.
Pages 43 & 44
Page 43

Description: Fleebie/Follony
Location: School, 2nd floor. Check inside the restroom.

Page 44

Description: Walking Eye
Location: School, 3rd floor. After you trade the Brush for the Triangle with the Walking Eye NPC, speak to him again and he will give you the collectible.
Pages 45 & 46
Page 45

Description: Monoe
Location: School, 3rd floor. Check one of the classrooms for a white sparkle.

Page 46

Description: Madotsuki with umbrella
Location: Ruined School, 2nd floor. Enter the classroom with multiple platforms and find the same platform that had the Lantern effect. Glide to the right using the Umbrella effect, where you will find a lone island. You will find a white sparkle and Closet Madotsuki. Note: For those having trouble reaching the 2nd floor due to a previously open door that is now locked, you must pull the lever on the 2nd floor to eliminate the metal bars to the right. You should now be able to reach the 2nd floor by jumping off the window and gliding with the Umbrella.
Pages 47 & 48
Page 47

Description: Madotsuki with eyes closed
Location: Complete the School/Ruined School once. Then, complete the Ruined School again and return to the final area, where KyuuKyuu-Kun is. There will now be a white sparkle past the final staircase.

Page 48

Description: KyuuKyuu-kun
Location: Ruined School. In the room with the zipper door, use the Hamsa effect.
Pages 49 & 50
Page 49

Description: Shadow Man
Location: Final Area. When you first get to the stormy rooftop area, move to the left. You should see a white sparkle on top of one of the platforms. If you can't reach this platform, use the shorter platform to help reach it.

Page 50

Description: Seccom Masada-sensei
Location: Spaceship. To enter this area, you must fulfill the requirements to unlock the secret ending. You must have already found all five hidden Jellyfish in each world. In the Final Area, first floor, check one of the rooms for a red symbol on the wall (resembles three female symbols). Interact with it and go to the stormy rooftop. Go to the left from the entrance and you will find this symbol on the ground. Interact with it and you will be transported into Masada-sensei's spaceship. Check the table for the final Concept Art. This item will also register as a collectible called ???.
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Orion-the-Absol  [author] Jun 24 @ 7:57am 
@LuluCalliope: Check to see if you have completed the sketch pages. Also check to see if you have all items: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1313567179&tscn=1529851320
LuluCalliope Jun 24 @ 7:42am 
I think I found everything, I've triple-checked the dream diary several times, but for some reason, the game says I only have 97% of it completed and I'm not getting the achievement. Is this happening to anyone else? What could I be missing?
sayaka miki funko pop May 31 @ 9:41am 
As of the update the O-Man now gives the concept art, not the E-Man.
Orion-the-Absol  [author] May 25 @ 12:52am 
This guide is now up-to-date regarding version 2.0. If anyone could provide specific directions for page 34, that would be great.
Peter Mar 8 @ 10:48am 
Very good guide, very well worded and helpful. Thanks for your effort, friendo.
Valmue Feb 28 @ 8:52am 
Thank you very much! Was able to get the 3 I was missing thanks to your guide.
Orion-the-Absol  [author] Feb 26 @ 11:03pm 
Small update. I knew something was off about Page 26. A duplicate of a Pissipissini NPC and the method of getting it... it felt so out of place.

Seems like a recent update replaced the 2nd Pissipissini Concept Art with one of Madotsuki wielding a knife.
Screamenko Feb 26 @ 3:30pm 
Thank you so much!
Orion-the-Absol  [author] Feb 26 @ 11:04am 
@Ramshackle: You're welcome. I found that some users would like a guide for the quest items too. If I have time today, I'll write one up.
Ramshackle Feb 26 @ 10:44am 
Nevermind, I figured it out. I was missing the kalimba. Thanks for the guide.