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Transport Lines Manager 14.1
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Feb 24, 2018 @ 7:34pm
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Transport Lines Manager 14.1

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Comments disabled. For bug reporting or alike, please open a issue at the project page at GitHub. The link is at end of the description

Update 14.1
- UI reviewed; Performance hugely improved!
- Ctrl + click to move the <K> button (instead of double click)
----NOTICE: It may not be working like this if you have other of my mods. Use Load Order Mod to ensure the TLM will be loaded first than any other mod by me.
- Cims outside the city area won't try to get taxis now (it was forcing the unspawn of taxis, as well the stands get empty because of it)
- Forcing all cims at stops to leave service when the budget comes to 0%
- The depot draw to the vehicles are really random now
- Express lines in road-based transport system now will deliver all passengers until the next terminal stop before go to depot
- Added clipboard actions at vehicle selection tab
- Added search filter for models at vehicle selection tab
- New near lines positioning - fixes some crashing situations
- Removed the legacy linear map completely
- The transport tool now shows information about the stops hovered (line it belongs to, distance between stops)
- Also in transport tool, it shows the distance from previous stop when creating a new line
- Was added some formatting alert when two stops are too close each other for road-shared transport types (recommended: at least 250m)
- Updated Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese locales

Works with latest update (1.13.*)

A shortcut to manage all city's public transports lines. Useful for Airplane Line Tool and Ship Line Tool also.

In version 13, the mod was almost rebuilt from scratch and now have a completely new UI and some new features.
Most of the highlighs can be found at my Patreon[].

- English
- Portuguese
- Korean - by Toothless
- German- by weoiss
- Dutch - by bas_dehaan
- Polish - by woj2012
- Chinese - by Lost Time (and team)
- French (and French guide ) - by mjm92150
- Spanish - by zeldslayer
- Russian - by vitalii201
- Traditional Chinese - by Thick Toast

Important Notes
- Due the overriding done in the Tram, Ship, Bus and Passenger Train system, the option of enable/disable vehicles from these categories inside the Advanced Vehicle Options is useless for public city lines. The configuration in the TLM override it. But all other functions, like coloring, set capacity and more of AVO are still working. The model selection for external vehicles (like regional passenger ships and trains) still workin in AVO and alike mods.
- No new incompatibilities found, except the listed above.

(Alpha) Transport map exporter
When active, a Draw Map! button will appear mod options menu. When clicked, the game generates a map with the metro and train lines like the linear map style.
The html files with the map can be found in a Transport Lines Manager folder's subfolder inside app data game folder (%appdata%\..\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Klyte45Mods\TransportLinesManager\ExportedMaps in Windows).

Other notes
- Since 7.0, this mod uses the Harmony[].

Sources at GitHub: Main project[]
IMPORTANT NOTE: Any issues you have with this mod may be reported as a Issue item in the GitHub project. I'm watching it now.

Reported incompatible mods:
- IPT2
- Resize It!
- AVO (partial: vehicles not allowed to spawn will not show up at TLM)

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