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Dark Omen Regiments of Renown
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Feb 24, 2018 @ 12:40pm
Jan 5 @ 5:37am
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Dark Omen Regiments of Renown


This mod add new ROR units:
1) Grudgebringers Infantry with officer with artifact (Shield of Ptolos).
2) Grudgebringers Cavalry with officer with artifact (Enchanted Shield).
3) Grudgebringers Cannons with officer
4) Grudgebringers Crossbows with officer
5) Helmgart Bowmen
6) Keeler's Longbows
7) Azguz Bloodfist Dwarf Warriors with officer
8) Dargrimm Firebeard Dwarf Warriors with officer
9) Urblab Rotgut Mercenary Ogres
10) Treeman Knarlroot
11) Galed Elf Archers
12) Elrod Wood Elf Glade Guards
13) Black Avangers with officer
14) Carlsson Guard
15) Carlsson Cavalry with officer
16) Countess Isabel's Guard with 2 officers
17) Treeman Gnarl Fist
18) Vannheim's 75th with officer

All the units and pictures that are given as reference were presented in the games Dark Omen and Shadow of the Hornet Rat

All units have original banners that allow them to be highlighted on the battlefield and recall memories

Base mod stats adapted for SFO (Steel Faith Overhaul)

Vanilla compatibility submod

Dwarf main faction compatibility submod

Angrund Dwarf faction compatibility submod

Bretonnia compatibility submod

Kislev compatibility submod

100% save compatible

Explanation of the balance (cost, number of models in the unit). All parameters of soldiers (strength and cost) are taken completely from a similar unit (for example infantry grudgringers = sons of sigmar, grudgebringer cavalry = zintlers reiksguard and then by analogy). The officer is equal to 10 base models in the detachment by the number of hitpoints. The number of models in the unit is obtained by proportioning based on the number of models in the original game. Example: infantry grudgebringers has 20 models in Dark omen, Sons of sigmar have 120 models so we coefficient 6. in DO Grudge cav have 16 models in the squad, so the proportion is 96 models in the SFO. And so on.

Most new textures were painted by Crisord

Here is a link to PayPal, if you want to thank us for our work.
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nasosmanaris May 6 @ 9:59am 
Witch patch?
Werebear from Russia  [author] May 5 @ 10:57pm 
It is work with last patch
nasosmanaris May 5 @ 11:11am 
You will update it this marvelous mod?
Werebear from Russia  [author] May 4 @ 6:24am 
Dont have time
Seraphino May 2 @ 3:23am 
Like to Complete something. Isn't all thats left the wolves and the 2 bretonnian knights unit?
Werebear from Russia  [author] May 2 @ 2:53am 
what means "finish"?
Seraphino May 1 @ 11:40pm 
Any chance you can come back and finish this great mod? :(
Plague Apr 13 @ 10:59am 
I updated PFM and that sorted it :-)
Plague Apr 13 @ 9:17am 
@Werebear from Russia Oddly when I look at Main Unit Tables it is red and not editable in FPM . This is the Vanilla Submod. Is the table somehow hidden?
Xenos Apr 11 @ 1:06pm 
Great mod! I thinks it only lacks Ragnar's Wolves and those Bretonnian knights to be complete.