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28.11.2020 Update - Dark Omen & Shadow of the Horned Rat Regiments of Renown
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Feb 24, 2018 @ 12:40pm
Nov 28, 2020 @ 12:00pm
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28.11.2020 Update - Dark Omen & Shadow of the Horned Rat Regiments of Renown

Added Ceridan as hero for Reik (you can hire at witch hunter agent line)

24.11.2020 major update
- rebalance
- added artifacts for Grudgebringers Infantry, Grudgebringers Cavalry, Countess Isabel's Guard
- added compatibility with OvN Lost Faction
- plz give us feedback


This mod add new ROR units:
1) Grudgebringers Infantry with officer and artifact (Stormsword, Shield of Ptolos).
2) Grudgebringers Cavalry with officer and artifact (Grudgebringer sword, Enchanted Shield).
3) Grudgebringers Cannons with officer
4) Grudgebringers Crossbows with officer
5) Helmgart Bowmen
6) Keeler's Longbows
7) Azguz Bloodfist Dwarf Warriors with officer and artifact (Horn of Urgok)
8) Dargrimm Firebeard Dwarf Warriors with officer
9) Urblab Rotgut Mercenary Ogres
10) Treeman Knarlroot
11) Galed Elf Archers
12) Elrod Wood Elf Glade Guards
13) Black Avangers with officer
14) Carlsson Guard
15) Carlsson Cavalry with officer
16) Countess Isabel's Guard with 2 officers and artifact (Banner of Wrath, Potion of Strength)
17) Treeman Gnarl Fist
18) Vannheim's 75th with officer
19) Ragnar's Wolves
20) Uter Blomkwist's Imperial Mortar
21) Ceridan Hero

Base units:
1) Skeleton archers for vampires

All the units and pictures that are given as reference were presented in the games Dark Omen and Shadow of the Hornet Rat

All units have original banners that allow them to be highlighted on the battlefield and recall memories

Base mod stats adapted for Vanilla
Bretonnia submood
Dwarves submood
Kislev submood

100% save compatible

Most new textures were painted by my russian comrade Crisord
OvN team for idea of model for Ceridan

Hear Call of Warhammer!

Here is a link to PayPal
, if you want to thank us for our work.
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Alex the Great Apr 18 @ 5:02am 
Please tell me that you’re still working on this beautiful mod. We still need Tristan de la tours grail knights and Bertrand le grands knights of the realm. Q.Q
Werebear from Russia  [author] Jan 18 @ 2:19am 
@Wulfric Pinewood
Unfortunately, I don't have time to adapt the mod to other mods, as well as to develop the current one. I can only keep it in working order. You can do it yourself and put it on steam, there is only work with numbers.
Wulfric Pinewood Jan 15 @ 2:22pm 
Will it be any update for a SFO Grimhammer update coming at saturday 16.01.2020 ?
Werebear from Russia  [author] Jan 7 @ 11:54am 

lookl discription
Malata Societa' Official Jan 2 @ 6:47am 
all this new stuff is for the empire faction???
Wulfric Pinewood Jan 2 @ 3:26am 
Best mod for this game. I loved Dark Omen as mad.
Plague Jan 1 @ 9:23am 
@Werebear from Russia thank you so much for the update!
Malata Societa' Official Dec 30, 2020 @ 3:28pm 
all this new stuff is for the empire faction???
The Kerminator Dec 29, 2020 @ 12:52pm 
goddamnit.. came here after opening up the ceridan only mod files... well played.
GeneralHawk Dec 11, 2020 @ 11:43am 
Amazing mod, thank you!