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Plentiful Traditions 2.3.3
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Feb 24, 2018 @ 2:21am
Sep 11 @ 11:21pm
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Plentiful Traditions 2.3.3

Welcome to Plentiful Traditions,

it wasn't always easy to implement everything Birdy made for 1.9 into 2.0 and further, but I think I am nearly done so far with 2.3.3.

Works with:


  • 17 new Traditions
  • 4 new Ascension Perks
  • 19 new Buildings
  • New Traits
  • New Jobs
  • New Deposits
  • Reduced costs for Traditions
  • Habitats could be cheaper
  • New Edicts
  • New Starbase Modules
  • Increased Terraforming possibilities
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jinzhoner Sep 20 @ 9:27pm 
kevinhann Sep 18 @ 8:17pm 
Thank you for the reply, looking forward to someone hopefully picking up the idea.
In the meantime best of luck with resolving whatever situation you are facing at home!
SI-Abominus  [author] Sep 18 @ 4:12am 
Yes, it is possible, but I won't implement it in this mod. It could be implemented by coding a second mod, that overwrites some parts of the code. For now, I dont have really time for it, since I have some private problems @home.
kevinhann Sep 17 @ 7:09pm 
Apologies in advance if this was previously suggested.

I very much love this mod but after numerous attempts I ended up turning it off for balance reasons. Ever since I've been itching on a possible solution that doesn't make things wildly out of tune in the late game.

Hence my question:

Is it theoretically possible to enforce a (possibly configurable) limit of the tradition trees any player/AI can pick? As in you have a pool of 20+ traditions but you are only allowed to pick a maximum of 7, or 10, or whatever. Once the limit is reached, you can't unlock new tradition trees.

Much like ascension perks work.

This could lead to a plethora of strategic choices that vary wildly from game to game and could really mix things up, while in the same time making it impossible to invest heavily in Unity output and become ridiculously OP in the end game.

Is that theoretically possible to code?
ZWass777 Sep 17 @ 4:21pm 
Hey, I'm currently having an issue where the ascension perks aren't showing up at all
Furhammer Sep 17 @ 3:45pm 
...3 years of tech support and i forgot rule number 1... I turned off everything except that.
SI-Abominus  [author] Sep 16 @ 12:14am 
Have you tried to set it off and on again?
Zoidberg Jesus Sep 13 @ 7:32pm 
No worries mate, I don't come here expecting instant fixes like it's your job. Keep up the good work tho!
Furhammer Sep 13 @ 5:21pm 
weirdly the mod i not working, I am not seeing any of the new traditions. I thought it may be a mod conflict but even with this mod only enabled I get nothing.
SI-Abominus  [author] Sep 12 @ 11:40pm 
I will work on it next week. Weekend is for my wife :).