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Plentiful Traditions 2.5.0
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Feb 24, 2018 @ 2:21am
Oct 29 @ 1:54am
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Plentiful Traditions 2.5.0

Welcome to Plentiful Traditions,

it wasn't always easy to implement everything Birdy made for 1.9 into 2.0 and further, but I think I am nearly done so far with 2.5.0.

Works with:


  • 17 new Traditions
  • 4 new Ascension Perks
  • 19 new Buildings
  • New Traits
  • New Jobs
  • New Deposits
  • Reduced costs for Traditions
  • Habitats could be cheaper
  • New Edicts
  • New Starbase Modules
  • Increased Terraforming possibilities
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TsarTheSecond 3 hours ago 
err me think this needs an update cause my ship are now black boxes
Imperator Atlan da Gonozal Dec 7 @ 7:25am 
Causes my Ship Models to change to black boxes. Had to disable it. :(
Ghost Fox Dec 2 @ 4:31pm 
It's a mod conflict and/or order issue. Put your mod list into reverse-alphabetical order and run a mod manager to check for conflicts.
Alguerath Dec 2 @ 1:24pm 
I also have to report that the new traditions are gone.
Kavvan Shrike Nov 30 @ 12:06pm 
I really don't wanna play stellaris without this mod, while i have deleted the file that conflicts with nsc it is clear that starbases break hard from either the deletion or incompatibilities. Gonna miss playing stellaris until you have access to the internet and are in a situation to update again.
I have gas Nov 30 @ 6:36am 
idk it just isnt loading, I tried making new games and rearranging the mod order but that hasnt worked
Dieu des Patates Nov 30 @ 6:02am 
is it save compatible ?
I have gas Nov 29 @ 10:21pm 
This mod isnt loading into my game, and when i check my tradition tree it there are just the normal traditions, any help?
The Fighting First Nov 29 @ 4:43am 
@sun90b1 非常感谢!经过你的指导我的MOD能正常兼容NSC2运行了:steamhappy:
kgptzac Nov 27 @ 12:17am 
I've been using this mod since the beginning (and before that the original version), and it's sad to see it falls into disrepair. A couple of issues:

* Open habitat is broken, as it only build city districts and nothing else. There's no need to build them.
* Expanding habitat districts decision is usable on ring world segments, meaning ring worlds can be expanded to 25 districts with a meager 5 influence per district. It's "broken" but by another definition.
* AI seem to spam syndicate quarters on their planets for no good reasons other than they can. They don't need the extra fleet cap, and building these take away precious slots and wasting exotic gas upkeep.

This mod has been fun. Unfortunately there are more and more problems with each Stellaris update while this mod is not updated to fix the long time bugs and unbalanced things.