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Creating a Cool Steam Profile Without Money
By CountableAidan
How to create a cool steam profile without levels/money.
Let's say you want to create a cool steam profile but don't have enough money, this guide will show you some ways on how to make the most out of your steam account.

For this guide I will be using my friend's 2nd account, "GamerTron544".
First thing that brings alot of attention to your page is your display badge. You don't have to have a super good one but if it's there it looks much better.

You can easily get the Pilar of Community badge without spending money.
Another thing that drags attention is your avatar, you can easily find avatars on google or go to This site[]. Once you find one that matches the theme you want change it.

You can get a really cool avatar, for free!
You should try to find a group that goes along with your theme, the name dosn't matter that much as long as the picture looks nice.

You can even create your own group if you want!
Name, Country, and Bio
Your Name, Country, and Bio looks very nice on your profile, it takes up all that empty space under your name. While putting in your country you don't need to be very specefic with your location, as long as you have the country.

For your Bio you should just write something about yourself or put a popular game quote you like.

Last, for your name you don't have to put your name you can put something like your gamertag or a funny quote.

After you do all this it will look much better:
Your gamertag is YOURS be proud of it, but some things to avoid in gamertags are the following: X's in gamertags look awful Ex. XxX_YahBoi_XxX. Numbers don't look nice either Ex. GamerTron544. Avoid words like Gamer, Fan, a popular movie, etc. As you can see this profile has many of those so we are gonna chanmge it. If you're having trouble making one just use a gamertag generator online.

Now it looks much better.
In the comment section of your profile be sure to ask some friends to +rep you. If you're lonely like me then just be nice to the community in the games you play and you could gain some +rep.

Before and After
Now that you've finished working all the things in the guide think back to how your profile looked before and compare your new one to it.

Here is a before and after of the profile I used for this guide.



While it's not as cool as a profile with levels it is much better than before.
With Money
If you eventually get to level 10 be sure to check out my other guide for more tips.
IIf you need help or have questions about anything be sure to comment what it is and send me a requests, I will send you a message for your answer.